Real Estate Transfers 2-4-21

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Bay Township

01/26/2021 Randall S and Brandi M Wammes to Deborah G and Joseph T Zawisian, 615 Tiffin Street, $70,000.

01/26/2021 Timothy A and Kelle R Smith (Co-Trustees) to United States of America, Portage River South & 6443 Portage River South, $636,000.

Benton Township

01/28/2021 Tamara M Robbins to Steven Loch, 17231 West Walbridge East, $200,000.

01/29/2021 Emily Elizabeth Tan to Wendell J Markley, 19187 West Hellwig Road, $10,000.

01/29/2021 Carl H Markley to Wendell J Markley, 19187 West Hellwig Road, $10,000.

Carroll Township

01/28/2021 David E and Sherry L Grodi to Dale and Jodi Neise, 8810 State Route 2, $40,000.

01/28/2021 Ruthann F Huston to Joshua Thomas Schmenk, 6456 North Harris Harbor Drive, $70,000.

Catawba Island Township

01/26/2021 Estate of John A LoPiccolo to Mark Andrew and Amber Suzann Borden, 5542 East Channel Drive, $225,000.

01/27/2021 Deborah Karl, Glenn W Liebert, and Mary P Liebert to Jeffrey A and Elisabeth M Hoover, 2913 North Shad Row, $765,500.

01/27/2021 Bassett Land Company, LLC to Gabriel D and Amy L Rizer, 3540 East Woodhill, $377,500.

01/29/2021 Steven Oleksa to Brian Oleksa and Cheryl DeVore, 1949 North Carriage Lane, $54,000.

01/29/2021 Patrick Fleming, Owen Fleming, Sandra Fleming, William Fleming, Carolyn Priddy, Brian Fleming, and Susan Jubenville to Brice Hall, 4661 Woodland, $200,000.

Elmore Corp

01/29/2021 Janet L Underwood to Nathanial P Underwood, 159 Smith Street, $49,000.

Genoa Corp

01/25/2021 Robert H Jensen to SDS Properties of Ohio, 0 Genoa Clay Center Road, $180,000.

Danbury Township

01/25/2021 Andrew J and Cynthia S Naumoff to Laura A Ephlin (Trustee), 170 Oak, $525,000.

01/25/2021 Susan R Mack (Trustee) to Andrew J and Cynthia S Naumoff, 916 E Second Street, $985,000.

01/25/2021 Spotted Dog Properties LLC to Briggs Mechanical Services LLC, 5831 State Route 163, $45,000.


01/25/2021 Julie A and Todd J Doncyson to Michael A and Maria Biel, 10911 North Bay Point Drive, $317,800.

Erie Township

01/28/2021 The Erie Industrial Park Associates LLC to 5225 Realty LLC, 460 Warehouse, $2,250,000.

Port Clinton Corp

01/26/2021 Lakeshore Drive, LLC to Anthony L.S GOH ( Trustee), 537 West Lakeshore Drive, $25,000.

01/28/2021 Maurice E and Betty J Fox to Kenny W Havice, 332 Cedar Street, $45,000.

01/29/2021 Julian S Helsper to Tonya M Salyers, 223 Hayes Ave, $100,000.

01/29/2021 Keegan L and Courtney L Stacey to Teric and Elizabeth Cook, 406 E Perry Street, $165,000.

Portage Township

01/26/2021 Norman E Peiffer to Scott E and Yolanda Nemecek, 1225 East Hickory Grove Road, $2,000.

Put In Bay Township

01/28/2021 Barbara J Drushel to Maria Hristovski, 1470 Put In Bay Road, $242,500.

Oak Harbor Corp

01/25/2021 Kendonly Properties, LTD to Mermill LLC, 749 North Locust Street, $920,000.

01/28/2021 Ruth Ann Baumgartner to Kerry K and Timothy R Velliquette, 537 North Locust Street, $65,000.

01/29/2021 Chad Elliott to Regina L Peters, 248 Harvest Lane, $165,000.

Bayside Comfort


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