Real Estate Transfers 3-10-22

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Allen Township

03/04/2022 Michael E Gerke and Karen N Sims to Michael W Anstadt and Kathryn L Anstadt Trustees of the Michael W Anstadt and Kathryn L Anstadt Living Revocable Trust, 22320 West Honeysuckle Lane, $340,000.

Carroll Township

02/28/2022 Sandra J Wyant to DRF LLC, 6507 Teal Bend, $105,000.

02/28/2022 James R Plantz Jr and Katherine A Plantz to DRF LLC, 6463 Teal Bend, $88,000.

03/03/2022 Gary R Blackmer to James R Plantz Jr and Katherine A Plantz, 9720 West Hollywood Drive, $178,000.

03/04/2022 Barbara Ann Banky to Gloria Krauss, 8520 West Fick Road, $75,000.

Catawba Township

02/28/2022 Pamela A Pulizzi to Julie A Sicilliano and Anthony Sicillano, 4660 Catawba Woods Road, $122,000.

02/28/2022 Mainstay II Rentals LLC to Amy L Bixel, 5864 East Cedar Lane, $250,000.

03/01/2022 Walter S Pavluk Sr. and Savina Pavluk (Trustees) to Charles James Dewey Bassett and Joanna Marie Edrada Bassett, 4807 East Muggy Road, $580,000.

03/01/2022 Charles James Dewey Bassett and Joanna Lorenzo to Savina Pavluk, 621 North Hidden Harbor Drive, $350,000.

03/03/2022 Robert R Chapin and Julianne Chapin to Gina Zielaskiewicz and Scott Zielaskiewicz, 5303 Sawn Drive Unit# G1, $447,500.

03/03/2022 Jeremy Mowel to Justin M Kennedy and Alexes E Kennedy, 627 Northwest Catawba Road, $291,250.

03/04/2022 D. Lee Johnson and Sara R Johnson to H.T. Properties Inc, 2692 Chateau Drive, $465,000.

Danbury Township

03/03/2022 Terry L Burton to NW Ohio Real Estate Inc., 9955 East Bayshore Road, $162,000.

03/04/2022 The Estate Of William C Mack to William T McCarthy and Deborah A Blem-McCarthy, 0 Gravel Bar D Lot 2, $45,000.

03/04/2022 The Estate of William C Mack to Preston Watson and Isabella Watson, 0 Gravel Bar E Lot 28, $95,000.

Erie Township

02/28/2022 Peggy E Cheney and Thomas J Cheney to Craig T Chaney and Susan R Chaney, 3765 West Vickery & 0 West Vickery, $160,000.

03/04/2022 Erin Poole and John Thomas Poole to Swan Brothers Investments LLC , 2308 Three Mile Crossing, $117,500.

Port Clinton Corp

03/01/2022 Estate of Gordon J Peterson to Robert W Inscore Jr and Catherine M Inscore, 721 State Street, $50,000.

03/01/2022 JOLOR LLC to Jeff Morgan Realty Group LLC, 117 Monroe Street, $230,000.

03/03/2022 Ed Fitzgerald to Richard Bryan Kyler and Kimberly Sue Kyler, 904 Jackson Drive, $239,900.

03/04/2022 Cathy Ritzman to Richard D Jinkens and Patti J Jinkens, 507 West 3rd Street, $150,000.

03/04/2022 Neinberg Rentals LLC to Michelle Kelly and Bret Kelly, 612 Pearl, $103,000.

Put In Bay Township

02/28/2022 Michael D Stallard to Terry’s Rentals LLC, 1591 Jeris, $290,000.

02/28/2022 Sherri M Stallard to Terry’s Rentals LLC, 1591 Jeris, $290,000.

03/02/2022 Mary Anne Wilhelm to Roger H Rhoad and Joan R Rhoad, 410 Lakeview Ave, $374,200.

Salem Township

02/28/2022 Larry P Gorbet and Ashli Carin Gorbet to Jeffrey A Phillips, 9411 west State Route 163, $230,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

03/01/2022 Portage River Rentals LLC to Nickole R Wamsley and James M Taylor, 312 North Toussaint Street, $116,000.

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