Real Estate Transfers 3-16-23

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Allen Township

03/10/2023 Marjorie De Verna-Trustee of The Ralph J Vogelpohl Living Trust dated January 14, 2013 to Alex Claussen, 22715 West Cedar Avenue, $159,900.

03/10/2023 John G Heninger and Kasey L Heninger nka Kasey L O’Shea to William E Day IV and Dayna Leigh Day, 19521 West Curtice East and West Road, $234,000.

Benton Township

03/06/2023 Nissen Properties LLC to Jason B Lord, 6615 Nissen Road, $88,000.

Carroll Township

03/07/2023 David Conley and Jillian Conley to Kenneth S Limmer and Denise M Limmer, 6510 Teal Bend, $160,000.

Clay Township

03/06/2023 Estate of Mary E Anderson to Keith Eva and Elixia Scoti Eva, 23371 West Centerfield Drive, $115,000.

03/08/2023 David L Hoffman and Beverly L Hoffman to Curtis Reineck and Cassandra Reineck, 23521 State Route 51 West, $380,000.

Genoa Corp

03/08/2023 Christopher Kinison and Amanda J Kinison to Jacob R Rettenberger, 415 Buckeye Street, $200,000.

Elmore Corporation

03/07/2023 John R Kaylor to Gabriel J Macey, 407 Fremont Street, $150,000.

03/08/2023 Millhime Properties LLC to Sugar Creek Property LLC, 755 Fremont Street, $70,000.

03/10/2023 David F Netcher (Trustee) and Janice F Netcher (Trustee) to Stefany J Beiser, 158 Smith Street, $98,000.

03/10/2023 Anthony D Zimmerman and Rebekah K Zimmerman (Trustees) to Tyler Rickman and Rebecca Rickman, 2644 Randall Drive, $353,000.

Catawba Township

03/10/2023 Harbor’s Edge Development II Ltd to Michael S Sweeney and Patricia A Sweeney, 4842 Tradewinds Drive Unit#17, $859,760.

03/10/2023 Harbor’s Edge Development II Ltd to Robert Mark Todor and Jamie J Todor, 4849 Tradewinds Drive Unit #26, $677,377.

03/10/2023 Harbor’s Edge Development II Ltd to Matthew T O’Donnell and Jennifer L O’Donnell, 4459 Westwinds Drive Unit #31, $737,055.

Danbury Township

03/06/2023 Estate of Patricia L Sotak to SM Holdings LLC, 720 Laurel Avenue, $230,000.

03/10/2023 Kathryn L Matt to William A Neczypor and Jeanne H Neczypor, 2105 South Emerald Shores Drive, $600,000.


03/08/2023 TNT Enterprises to Dave Daniel and Cathy Daniel, 10802 East Bayshore Road Units 105 and G116, $390,000.

03/09/2023 Michael C Watson and Roberta Gibson-Watson to Jeffrey C Mason and Sharon G Mason, 1400 Wittmer Road, $2,228,880.

Erie Township

03/08/2023 Richard A Erne and Kristie M Erne to Spidalieri Enterprises LLC, 3528 State Route 163, $75,000.

Port Clinton Corp

03/07/2023 Ross M Boesch to Colt Thomas Fairchild and Alyssa Fairchild, 804 Grant Street, $270,000.

03/06/2023 Midtown Properties LLC to Band L Rentals LLC, 119 East Third Street, $55,000.

03/08/2023 Hannah D West fka Hannah D Roberts and George B Roberts to Tyler b Blackford, 607 West Third Street, $143,900.

Portage Township

03/06/2023 Storage Condominiums Inc. to Happy Trails Management LLC, 780 Southeast Catawba Road #27, $90,000.

Sand Beach

03/10/2023 Peter J Baldwin and Gloria J Baldwin to Jennifer L Ross and Vonda D Cvengros (Trustees), 3228 White Street, $135,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

03/06/2023 Laura J Mattimoe to Jared R Heckel, 247 North Church Street, $95,000.

03/09/2023 US Bank trust National Association to BRCB Properties LLC, 158 Locust Street, $77,500.

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