Real Estate Transfers 3-2-23

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Allen Township

02/23/2023 Brian R Leu and Amy J Leu to John Heninger and Kasey Heninger, 19680 West Curtice East and West Road, $409,000.

Benton Township

02/21/2023 Douglas A Uher and Lynn L Uher to Nicole K Glaser and William G Rollins, 565 North Graytown Road, $412,000.

Bay Township

02/23/2023 Jennifer L Simpson to Thomas S Lake, 5590 West Fremont Road, $40,000.

02/24/2023 Donna Fick to Scott R and Sharolyn Fick, 3199 Darr Hopfinger, $500.

02/24/2023 Donna Fick to Scott R and Sharolyn Fick, 3189 Darr Hopfinger Road, $500.

02/24/2023 Christopher J and Laura K Kanieski to K Squared Holdings LLC, 2885and 2895 Cleveland Road, $117,000.

Carroll Township

02/21/2023 Brandon A Simenski to Bonnie L Millard, 6488 North Harris Harbor Drive, $97,250.

Clay Township

02/22/2023 David L Ferguson and Ruby Ferguson to Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB Trustee, 22934 West Hellwig Road, $75,100.

02/22/2023 Edmund D Matz III and Kathryn M Matz to Brian A Huston and April M Huston, 5686 West Camper Road, $395,000.

02/22/2023 Estate of Kevin P McComas to John Zachel, 270 Fifth Street, $33,000.

02/23/2023 Barbara K Tello to Colton B Dawkins, 1317 North Maramor Drive, $167,000.

Genoa Corp

02/22/2023 Brian a Huston and April M Huston to Matthew K Bradfield Jr and Megan E Bradfield, 1509 Superior Street, $230,000.

Elmore Corporation

02/23/2023 Vernon John Svenson to Keith A Gault, 361 Lincoln Street, $115,000.

Catawba Township

02/21/2023 Robert J McEowen and Nancy S Linker (Trustee) to Robert J McEowen. 4445 Marin Pines, $190,000.

02/21/2023 Adam M Schlabach and Abigail J Schlabach to ABJH Properties LLC, 5301 East Porter Street, $279,000.

02/24/2023 4471 East Linda Drive LLC to Dennis C Freeh, 4471 East Linda Drive, $400,000.

Danbury Township

02/21/2023 Joel Hogue and Lisa Hogue to Beth Armstrong, 420 Holiday Drive, $222,000.

02/21/2023 Maria I Natratics and Jozsef R Natratics, and Irene N McKnight to Jozsef R Natratics, 155 North Bedford Street, $83,293.80

02/24/2023 Steven M Jokerst to Paul W Powers and Lisa A Powers, 7030 Sturbridge Drive, $162,000.

02/24/2023 Laurie L Buehler to Donald J Schrodi and Julie C Schrodi, 709 Jasmine Ave, $650,000.


02/24/2023 Jolene E Kuzma to Timothy A Steele and Barbara A Steele, 422 James Street, $300,000.

02/24/2023 Timothy A Steele and Barbara A Steele to Cathy Lyn Koehler and James Vincent Koehler, 402 East Main Street Unit B, $169,000.

02/24/2023 Keith Michael Schaffer and Deniell D Schaffer to Mark A Smolik and Linda M Smolik, 4064 South Woodcliff, $576,000.

Port Clinton Corp

02/21/2023 Carl E Voss and Sandra K Voss to Kathie M Collins, 415 Jefferson Street, $55,100.

02/23/2023 Ross M Boesch to Danielle C Meads, 1008 Grant Street, $260,000.

02/23/2023 Ross M Boesch to Drew Smercina, 816 Grant Street, $250,000.

02/23/2023 Brock L Rider and Jennifer L Rider to Bradley W Saunders, 320 Walnut Street, $85,000.

02/24/2023 Altric Holdings LLC to Thomas Griffin and Christopher Griffin, 5515 and 517 Harrison, $265,000.

02/24/2023 Mary E McAtee to Elizabeth B Ratliff, 707 Concord Lane, $63,000.

02/24/2023 Sharon L Lane to John T Prentice, 525 Jackson Street, $113,000.

Portage Township

02/23/2023 Hangar 3132 LLC to Tally Ho 609 LLC, 3215 East State Route Units 31 & 32, $300,000.

Salem Township

02/22/2023 U.S Bank Trust National Association to Dan’s Do It All LLC, 2130 South Mud Creek Road, $82,500.

02/22/2023 Ronald J Bachman and Thelma M Bachman to Douglas A Uher and Lynn L Uher, 209 Manor Court, $395,000.

02/24/2023 The Estate of Phillip A Bartell to Michael R Harder, 0 State Route 19, $89,700.

Oak Harbor Corp

02/22/2023 Gregory L Darr, Rebecca Madison, and Jeffrey Darr to Kyle L McCord, 115 West Park Street, $115,000.

02/24/2023 Bruce A Winters and Patricia L Winters to Oak Harbor Development Group, 161 West Water Street, $25,000.

Bayside Comfort

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