Real Estate Transfers 3-31-22

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Benton Township

03/24/2022 Gator Land Enterprises LLC to David L Hornstein and Maria L Dunn, 3830 North Benton Carroll Road, $92,790.

Carroll Township

03/22/2022 William R Marker Estate to Tatiana Elkina, 7246 W. Wall Street, $35,000.

Clay Township

03/15/2022 Dorothy M Fondessy to Todd M Traver and Lori Jo Traver, 21800 West Hellwig Road, $190,000.

03/25/2022 Rita K Hatker to Laura Kruger and Timothy Kruger, 19325 West Whitney Road, $140,000.

Harris Township

03/24/2022 First Horizon Bank to Family G and C Investments LLC of Ohio, 2175 Hessville Road, $125,000.

Elmore Corporation

03/22/2022 Benjamin Curtis to Angela D Larimer and David L Coleman, 861 Fremont Street, $199,900.

03/22/2022 Daniel J Helle to Tatum Neumann and Jacob Bradfield, 3230 S. Dischinger Road, $138,500.

Catawba Township

03/22/2022 Harbor’s Edge Development II Ltd to Elaine M Issacson, 4845 Tradewinds Drive, $516,315.

03/22/2022 Maria E Parks(Trustee) to Randy R Scherler and Karen S Scherler, 3250 North Marina View, $420,000.

03/25/2022 Rising Doors LLC to Adam M Schlabach and Abigail J Schlabach, 5301 East Porter Street, $225,000.

03/25/2022 Lana L Fargo and David R Degraff top Thomas Bobson and Susan Bobson, 4263 East Colony Club Drive, $372,000.

03/25/2022 Michele Faralli to William W Yark and Tenley J Yark, 2836 Noreaster Cove, $1,175,000.

Danbury Township

03/22/2022 H.P Interior Solution to Marblewood Homes Inc., 2935 S. Waterside Court, $15,000.

03/22/2022 Marblewood Homes Inc. to James M Kahoe and Sandra M Kahoe, 2935 S. Waterside Court, $631,394.

Erie Township

03/23/2022 Jeffrey A Rose and Karen A Rose to Pamela R Starr and Patricia A Starr, 2125 North Camp Perry Eastern Road, $167,500.

Port Clinton Corp

03/22/2022 Chalet Properties III LLC to Allison Danielle Bullion, 1275 State Route 53, $149,900.

03/24/2022 John and Priscilla Popson to Michael Holbrook, 328 Garfield, $10,000.

03/24/2022 John T Gluth and Linda D Gluth to John Thomas Gluth III, 1290 S. West Bay Drive, $10,000.

03/25/2022 Kyle A Vandeven and Amber N Vandeven to Adam Schwieterman and Ashley Schwieterman, 912 Kasper Street, $247,400.

Portage Township

03/22/2022 Coles Land Development Co. to DC Hangar LLC, 3255 East State Road, $200,000.

03/25/2022 Marilyn J Pollard to James B Nutter & Company, 4170 East State Road, $112,000.

Put In Bay Corp

03/24/2022 Craig Trick and Andrea Trick –Trustees of The Trick Family Trust to Anne –Marie C D’Alessandro and Robert J D’Alessandro, 3361 Eat Wildwood, $60,900.

Salem Township

03/24/2022 St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church to Douglas J Everett and Sarah T Sanchez, 1010 State Route 19, $4,500.

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