Real Estate Transfers 4-21-22

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Bay Township

04/11/2022 Beverly A Blausey to Nathan A Rodesiler and Kendall A Rodesiler, 2995 Rising Sun, $402,000.

Carroll Township

04/14/2022 Thomas J Slaughter to Daniel Z Musgrave and Susan L Musgrave, 0 Pasadena, $26,500.

04/15/2022 Mary Jo Morse(Successor Trustee) to Mazanec Family Properties Ltd., 6236 North Harris Harbor Drive, $75,000.

Clay Township

04/13/2022 Earnest C Killion to Robert M Roginski, 2341 North Manor Drive, $185,000.

04/13/2022 Ethan Elias and Rylee Elias to Rachel Jack, 1596 North Boundary Drive, $155,000.

Catawba Township

04/11/2022 Craig P Trick and Andrea L Trick to Robert P Sundin and Margaret-Mary McIntyre Sundin, 3865 East Vineyard Village Drive, #$189,900.

04/11/2022 Darleen Patton to Martin D Auxter and Laura M Auxter, 1362 N Mc Cloy, $72,000.

04/12/2022 FinalFinalFinal LLC to Travis Koester and Paige Dine, 0 Delwood Drive, $44,000.

04/14/2022 James R Kieselhorst and Claudia J Kieselhorst (Trustees) to Charles J French III and Maureen A French, 4780 Tradewinds Drive, $580,000.

04/14/2022 Brad David Layton (Trustee) to Donna Johnson, 2901 Villa Court D, $390,000.


04/14/2022 Vivian K Kist (Trustee) to D. Lee Johnson and Sara R Johnson, 4390 Cliff Road, $1,130,000.

Danbury Township

04/11/2022 John A Corsi to Robert D Crawford II, 6970 Long Point #7, $732,000.

04/12/2022 Heather K Venetta to Joyce C Ayers and Randy Ayers, 228 North Bedford Street, $70,500.

04/13/2022 Bay View Villas LLC to Christopher J Bunsey and Ladyne R Bunsey, 2632 South Waterside Court, $359,900.

04/13/2022 Bay View Villas LLC to Christopher J Bunsey and Ladyne R Bunsey, 2632 South Waterside Court Marina Slip Ms38, $49,900.

04/14/2022 Michael Anthony Paessun and Catherine Z Paessun to Robert B Parker and Kathleen J Parker- Trustees of the Parker Family Trust, 317 Maple Ave #10, $95,000.

04/14/2022 Eugenia M Fouke to Michael J Budinger and Kelly A Budinger, 416 Elm Street, $379,000.

04/15/2022 Kathryn Rhodes and Brenda S Knipp to Eugene Pierce and Elaine Pyrch Pierce, 231 Poplar, $629,231.

Portage Township

4/11/2022 John L Hensley and Patricia M Hensley to Caleb A Ireland, 450 Christie Chapel Road, $25,000.

04/15/2022 William Eynon to Eric J Eynon and Amy J Eynon, 1108 East Hickory Grove, $380,000.

04/15/2022 Kelly R Weber to Steven D Osborne and Carole L Osborne, 2232 Sand Road, $400,000.

Port Clinton Corp

04/11/2022 Kenny W Havice to Monica C Roy, 413 Adams Street, $195,000.

04/14/2022 J.D.’s Ranch Ltd. To Casey Good, 102 Madison Unit H-124, $42,000.

04/14/2022 Stephen E Fraley And Susan G Fraley to Kyle Recker, 711 West Lakeshore Unit #101C, $94,000.

04/14/2022 Amber R Schierberg to Adam W Hicks and Allison J Hicks, 1107 Taft Street, $249,000.

Middle Bass

04/13/2022 Kimbl LLC to CGS Homes LLC, 7744 Baumhart Road, $75,000.

04/14/2022 Craig R Cebelak to Robert V VanDyke and Stephanie Lara VanDyke, 0 Fairway, $46,000.

Put In Bay Township-School

04/11/2022 Robert E Sondergeld and Patricia A Sondergeld (Trustees) to Ben-Jiang F. Tsou, 203 Buckeye Street, $200,000.

04/14/2022 Thomas M LaPlante and Leigh LaPlante to Dianne M Duggan, 1920 LaPlante, $99,000.

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