Real Estate Transfers 4-27-23

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Benton Township

04/17/2023 Lauren R Shaw to Theodore W Thomas, 5151 North Lickert-Harder Road, $120,000.

Carroll Township

04/21/2023 Dana Michelle Franck to Tina Grills, 8928 Canada Goose Ct, $190,000.

Clay Township

04/19/2023 James R Scott to Dylan Witt and Anan Rofkar, 21780 West Hellwig Road, $210,000.

Genoa Corp

04/17/2023 Brandon Braddock and Krystal Campbell to Nathan L Prottengeier, 1516 West Street, $65,000.

04/20/2023 Robin Miller and Arlene G Ragland to William and Susan Bauer, 506 Wilson St.,$82,000

Harris Township

04/20/2023 Equity Resource Inc. to Debra Marie Lorenzen and Donald James Lloyd, 14878 Eats State Route 163, $175,600.

Catawba Township

**CORRECTION FOR SALE ON 4/13/2023*** Thomas J and Mary E Held (Trustees) to Thomas A Mandel-Trustee of the Thomas A Mandel Living Trust dated 12/19/2002, 4129 E. Mooresdock Road, $1,300,000.

04/17/2023 Harbor’s Edge Development II Ltd to Lynne Diane Zeisler Petkovic-Trustee of The L.D.Z Petkovic Family Trust dated March 26, 2014, 4855 East Westwinds Court Unit #30, $731,600.

04/18/2023 Deborah L Benevento to Peter L Boice II and Madison M Boice, 2870 Canterbury Circle Unit# 7-C, $439,000.

04/19/2023 Bradley Paul Stetzer-DO Trustee of the Bradley Paul Stetzer Trust to Jason M Fenos and Jessica L Fenos, 5349 East Port Drive, $272,000.

04/20/2023 Todd M Lilie and Kelly M Lilie to John Dodge, 3395 Northwest Catawba Road, $288,000.

04/21/2023 Albert J Sprenger Jr and Stephanie J Sprenger to BRK Realty Holdings LLC, 2671 Chateau Drive, $800,000.

04/21/2023 William VanDerGiessen Real Estate LLC to John and Laura Macias, 5475 Lake Shore Ave, $750,300.

04/21/2023 John W & Madonna E Keefe to Brittany Rosenthal, N Windward GC-6, $33,000.

04/21/2023 Justin C Demming-Trustee under the Fern C Bierce Living Trust to James Meyer and Debra Meyer, 4119 East Moore’s Dock Road, $1,250,000.

04/21/2023 Michael L Mieke and Martha M Mieke to Lisa K Thellmann and Kenn L Thellman, 4332 East Konker Road, $419,000.

Danbury Township

04/19/2023 Kimberly Ann Daniel to Beth Scharfe, 396 Lighthouse Oval, $235,000.

04/21/2023 Michael D Hallier and Pamela J Hallier to Erin J Fowler, 5111 East Port Clinton Eastern Road, $711,000.

04/21/2023 Estate of Robert L Storrs to Ami Meader, 7200 E Tanglewood Dr, $50,000.

Port Clinton Corp

04/17/2023 Robert J Hickman and Roseann Hickman to Bradley W Saunders, 317 Walnut Street, $70,000.

04/19/2023 Evelyn J McKitrick to Vickie Fall, 619 Kasper Street, $254,900.

04/20/2023 N. Joseph Kresser and Laura Jean Kresser to David L Robinson and Tara L Robinson, 4446 North Marin Harbor Boulevard, $370,000.

Portage Township

04/21/2023 Gladys Mowel Brandt to Dolores Cook, 2655 E Harbor Rd,$13,090.54

Put In Bay Township- School

04/21/2023 Bernard M McCann and Mary Ann McCann to Eugene Winchester IV, 280 State Route 357, $40,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

04/18/2023 Annmarie Schade, Joann Wright, and Mary Jean Zunk to Barbara Banky, 350 country Meadows Drive, $249,900.

04/21/2023 Jacquelyn K Bast to Amanda L Case and Ryan L Goldstein, 105 E Walnut St,$120,000.

04/21/2023 Roger E Carpernter to Village of Oak Harbor, 146 N Church Street, $70,000.

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