Real Estate Transfers 4-28-22

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Allen Township

04/18/2022 Zachary William Hofelich to Gail Marie McCawley, 22645 West Toledo Street, $50,000.

Carroll Township

04/18/2022 Richard l Tesnow and Cynthia L Devore Tesnow to Benjamin D Danhoff, 6423 Teal Bend, $75,000.

Genoa Corp

04/20/2022 Ashley M DeVore and Bill DeVore to Steven Barker and Kimberly Barker, 1508 Superior Street, $185,000.

Harris Township

04/20/2022 Misty Morgan and Raymond Shinaul to Jennifer R Markovich and Anthony L Hipp, 2810 South Opfer-Lentz Road, $206,319.

04/20/2022 Steven A Florio (Successor Trustee) to Katelyn Sue Avers, 2701 Hessville Road, $145,000.

Elmore Corporation

04/20/22 Ruben A Herrera and Yoland S De-Valle to Vernon John Svenson, 361 Lincoln Street, $127,000.

04/20/2022 Freedom Realty Group LLC to April L Bush, 430 Toledo Street, $245,000.

Catawba Township

04/18/2022 William Vandergiessen Real Estate LLC to Jeffrey E and Celeste M Reed, 5384 Pintail Drive, $581,001.72.

04/19/2022 Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services to Patricia Hinson, 3745 Vineyard, $175,000.

04/19/2022 Robert A Stocker and Megen J Stocker to Jonathan T Franks and Brandy L Franks, 1570 Anchor Ave, $225,000.

04/20/2022 DX3 LLC to Erin L Grummel, 4975 E. Schoolhouse Road, $328,972.

04/21/2022 Bradley Warren (1/2 interest) to American Servicing Corporation, 1116 Northwest Catawba Road, $102,000

04/21/2022 Betty Lynn Mills (1/2 interest) to American Servicing Corporation, 1116 Northwest Catawba Road, $5,000.

04/21/2022 James D Stinchcomb to Ryan Rausch and Tristin Rausch, 5583 East Eagle Drive, $830,000.

04/22/2022 Lone Goose LLC to Blue Skies 1222 LLC , 5560 White Tail Run, $590,000.

Danbury Township

04/18/20222 John A Eckert to Robert A Gagnon, Lot C-13 & Lot A57 Gravel Bar, $215,000.

04/18/2022 John A Eckert to Robert A Gagnon, Lots A53 & Lot C14 Gravel Bar, 5491 Brookview Lane, $196,000.

04/19/2022 Thomas L Garner and Connie M Garner to Scott M McDaniel and Andrea K McDaniel, 321 North Sackett Road, $220,000.

04/22/2022 Michael N Olson and Denise K Olson to Bryon Hamad, 8532 East Gravel Bar Boulevard, $55,000.

04/20/2022 Christopher William Whitfield and Annette Marie Whitfield to Kristie L Nicholas Whiteside and David Whiteside, 5761 East Mistic Bay Point, $630,000.

04/20/22 Safe Harbor Development Ltd to Steven J Gerbasi and Sharon A Gerbasi, 5686 State Route 163 Unit# E-26/E-26-1, $204,000.

04/22/2022 Michael n Olson and Denise K Olson to timothy J Jones and Colleen I Jones, 8529 East Gravel Bar Boulevard, $55,000.

Erie Township

04/19/22 Holly N Geary to Mark J Maines and Heidi J Maines, 201 North Lakefront Drive, $190,000.

Port Clinton Corp

04/18/2022 Donald D and Diane M Soukup (Co-Trustees) to Mark D Long and Rachel A Walland, 509 Lakeshore Drive D2, $247,500.

04/18/2022 Laura J Barnum and Christopher M Hendricks to Michael Nino and Penelope Nino, 225 Linden Street, $130,000.

04/21/2022 Ronald B Baden and Bethann Bade to Ryan Rausch and Tristin Rausch, 1630 Waters Edge, $390,000.

04/21/2022 Wayne R Frieg and Yvonne M Frieg to Warren G McCaskey and Marie V McCaskey, 36 Grande Lake Drive Unit #E3, $195,000.

04/22/2022 The District Advisory Board of The Church Of The Nazarene to Edward Fitzgerald, 410 Monroe Street, $105,000.

04/22/2022 Sandra K Havens to Kay E Zekany and Daniel J Klos, 327 West Sixth Street, $102,500.

04/22/2022 Curt E Clere and Megan Clere to Khari Hammock, 639 Madison Street, $175,000.

Portage Township

04/21/2022 Lakeerie Shores LLC to Stephanie L Jenkins, 3141 East Shore, $675,000.

Put In Bay Township- School

04/19/2022 Dennis E Gray and Linda l Gray to 392 Meechen Road LLC, 392 Meechen, $659,000.

Salem Township

04/21/2022 Michael R Harder to Linda K McCrery, 2036 State Route 19, $100.00.

04/22/2022 Stone Farms LLC to Dustin J Hetrick and Cheyann M Hetrick, 0 South Mud Creek Road, $630,000.

04/22/2022 Ryand F Nuhfer and Regina M Nuhfer to James Halladay and Lani Halladay, 12100 West Bower Court, $365,000.

Sand Beach

04/19/2022 Donald Taylor and Beverly A Taylor (Trustees) to Lee Beckman and Dawn Beckman, 8189 West Division Street, $230,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

04/20/2022 Dennis R Zunk and Mary Jean Zunk to Kelly R Belcher, 422 Plantation, $15,000.

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