Real Estate Transfers 4-4-24

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Bay Township

03/29/2024 Troy R Ohm and Betty M Silva Ohm to DP 105 LLC, 4469 West Darr Hopfinger Road, $145,000.

Carroll Township

03/27/2024 Ryan M Pavilica to Desiree Barkdull & Collin Barkdull, 8908 W Canada Goose Court, $185,000.

03/28/2024 Gerald D Cromley and Teresa A Cromley to Ryan E Eley and Crystal K Eley, 6434 North Harris Harbor Road, $178,000.

03/29/2024 Laurie B Spradlin (Trustee) to Cortnie E Glovinsky, 8516 West Camp Perry Road, $174,000.

Genoa Corporation

03/28/2024 Scott Strahl to Michael & Kortney Lorenzen, 109 W 17th Street, $45,000.

Elmore Corporation

03/28/2024 Millhime Properties LLC to Michael J Witty and Judith A Witty, 541 South Toledo Street, $87,000.

03/28/2024 Susan M Stoiber to Michael Paul Hernandez and Traci Ann Hernandez, 0 Portage River South (.68acres), $45,000.

Danbury Township

03/25/2024 Aqua Witkowski aka Aqua P Neura (½ interest) to George T Carroll and Ruth N Carroll, 115 West 2nd Street, $131,667.

03/26/2024 Bay View Villas LLC to Joseph A Staffield and Deborah E Staffield, 2721 South Harbor Bay Drive Unit L1232, $449,900

03/26/2024 Bay View Villas LLC to Richard T Ling and Kimberly A Ling- Trustees of the Ling Family Trust, 2719 South Harbor Bay Drive Unit l1231, $519,800.

03/28/2024 Dawnielle E Ardis and Allison R Furbee to Paul E McLaughlin, 5686 East Harbor Road Unit A-11, $72,500.

03/29/2024 Ann L Duez to Shelley K McCoy, 5622 E Harbor Rd., $505,000.

Marblehead Corporation

03/27/2024 Adam J Noblitt and Gordana Matovic Noblitt to Richard Mizikar and Jacqueline Mizikar, 10394 East Bayshore Road, $320,000.

Port Clinton Corporation

03/25/2024 Jon R Keeley and Brenda Keeley to Joshua High and Tiffany High, 523 West Lakeshore Drive, $600,000.

03/25/2024 Randy Ruggles and Lynne E Ruggles to Nolan S Smith , 516 Laurel Avenue, $167,000.

03/25/2024 John A Podgurski to Jeffrey T Johnson & Colleen E Johnson, 112 E 10th St., $125,000.

03/26/2024 Suzanne M Denney to Wayne L Cashin Sr. and Mary F Cashin, 1803 East Perry Street #41, $225,000.

03/28/2024 Frederick D Norman to Bradley L Kussman & Nicole Kussman, 6390 W Harbor Rd., $64,9000.

03/29/2024 Robert Birkimer and Debra Birkimer to Tod Kidman and Nicole Kidman, 1803 Eats Perry Street #56, $262,8000.

03/29/2024 James A Fultz and Beverly A Fultz to Daniel J Hoelzer and Jacquelyn S Hoelzer, 102 Clinton Reef, $235,000.

Catawba Township

03/25/2024 Jeffrey R Kissinger (Trustee) to Kevin Kilbane and Jean Kilbane, 3158 East Marina View Unit #9, $20,000.

03/28/2024 Colony Club Harbor Condominium Association to Joseph T Burke & Michelle L Burke, Dock Unit #32 N Carriage Lane, $7,500.

Put In Bay Township- School

03/28/2024 Barry D Adler and Lynee E Adler to Put-In- Bay Township Park District, Lots 246-248,249-251,339-343,416-420,432-43 Victory Park, $180,000.

Put In Bay Corporation

03/25/2024 The Estate of Beverlee A Reulbach to Mary Reulbach Blesse and Donald Blessee, 594 Victory Avenue, $338,400.

Salem Township

03/25/2024 Kenneth P Deal Estate- Jason W Deal as Executor to Carson Aldrich, 7676 West Oak Harbor Southeast Road, $217,000.

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