Real Estate Transfers 4-8-21

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Allen Township

04/02/2021 Peter J Laine to Raymond A and Amy Jo-Ann St. Marie, 22747 West Toledo Street, $220,000.

Benton Township

04/01/2021 Robert T Streiffert to Joseph A and Taylor J Teet, 16607 West Moline Martin Road, $ 200,000.

Carroll Township

03/30/2021 Jonathan S and Shelley Gillespie to Gregory K and Pamela A Volz, 6290 North Harris Harbor Drive, $58,000.

03/30/2021 Patricia Fisher to Lake Properties Partners LLC, 4601 Ohio Route 2, $50,000.

03/31/2021 Dolores J Apling Estate to Gary L and Linda S Apling, approx. 112.20 acres Duff Washa and Zetzer, $616,250.

03/31/2021 Harry and Charlene Mumy to Ronald W and Jennifer M Cook, Hen Island, $19,900.

04/01/2021 Sara Ward to Ragah Mourad, 6495 Teal Bend, $65,000.

Catawba Island Township

03/29/2021 Eileen T and Charles W Rowland to Edward Wyborski and Michele Trammel, 4280-B Marin Woods, $245,000.

03/30/2021 William Van Der Giessen Real Estate and Alzo LLC to David G and Melody K Nesler, 5364 Pintail Drive # 8, $459,900.00.

03/30/2021 Jeffrey A and Elisabeth M Hoover to Samuel A Powell II and Jennifer M Powell, 1753 Windward Drive, $210,000.

03/30/2021 Mary E Weisgarber to Timothy A Szal and David L Bauer Jr, 5138 East Dane Avenue, $98,900.

04/01/2021 Ohio Shore Development Limited to Brian Sharp and Kelly Zurawski, v/l North Point Sublot# 15, $39,900.

04/02/2021 Christopher S and Robin L McIntire to Rowan Wendy Granite Trust, 5019 Blue Teal, $52,500.

04/02/2021 James R and Linda A Wilson to Rowan Wendy Granite Trust, 5049 blue Teal Drive, $56,000.

04/02/2021 Dennis J and Karen A Berens to Rowan Wendy Granite Trust, 5031 East Blue Teal Drive, $50,000.

04/02/2021 Ohio Shore Development Limited to John Toth II & Colleen Toth, 0 Bay Point Circle # 22, $38,500.

Elmore Corp

03/29/2021 Tyler H Mulligan to Mark E and Susan C Mulligan, 524 South Toledo Street, $502.00.

04/01/2021 Desirea M McCloskey to Franklin K Stevens, 327 Fremont Street, $80,000.

Harris Township

03/29/2021 Gary and Lou Ann Shewsbury to Matthew J Wegert and Susan R Lowe Wegert, 17710 Ravine, $24,000.

Danbury Township

03/29/2021 Edward R Kuchar to Nika Properties LLC, 5686 East State Route 163 Unit B-24, $125,000.

03/29/2021 Donald L Brehm to LIH 2231 LLC, 2231 Debra Lane, $225,000.

03/29/2021 Erin J and Robert A Morris to Thomas E Monroe Jr and Tiffany A Brunetti Monroe, 502 Walnut Street, $122,500.

03/29/2021 Kristin J Marks to Thomas E Monroe Jr and Tiffany A Brunetti Monroe, 502 Walnut Street, $122,500.

03/29/2021 Ann M Zielinski to James P and Jane M Gannon, 415 North Rockport, $80,000.

03/30/2021 Bay View Villas LLC to Katherine M Hirko, 2602 South Waterside Court, $379,800.

03/31/2021 Barbara Fearon nka Barbara Rowels and Todd Rowels to Randi L Rupersburg, 194 Laser Lane, $200,000.

04/01/2021 Estate of Marian L Ossovicki to Christopher R and Brittany A Warga, 1833 South Marblewood Drive, $133,000.

04/02/2021 William A Snyder Jr and Carolynn K Snyder to Perry K and Debra L Geller, 1188 Englebeck Road (V/L), $80,000.


04/02/2021 Dennis E Snook, Darlene Snook, and Diane L Swartzmiller to Kevin G and Anne P Ginley, 4310 South Memorial Shoreway Drive, $699,000.

Port Clinton Corp

03/29/2021 Terry A and Lori A Totman to James A and Beverly A Fultz, 102 Clinton Reef Drive, $148,000.

03/29/2021 Joshua J and Lisa M Kline to Shanda L Wilbur, 615 Madison Street, $148,000.

03/30/2021 Martha J Brown to LO CO DOVE LLC, 929,931,935,937 Virginia, $130,000.

03/30/2021 Hekron Investment to Joseph Skweres, 116 West Sixth Street, $35,000.

04/01/2021 Barbara P Gresh to Derek D Carroll, 520 Harrison Street, $70,000.

04/02/2021 Benjamin and Brooklynn Schank to Nicholas Michael Meyers, 918 East Second Street, $160,000.

04/02/2021 Diana I Wilt to Dean R Holder, 1807 East Perry Street # 76, $180,000.

Portage Township

03/29/2021 KCF North LTD to Knoll Crest Investors LTD, 3975 East Harbor Road, $1,500,000.00.

03/30/2021 Sai Nath Hospitality LLC to Hart Associated Holdings LLC, 2149 East Gill Road, $330,000.

Middle Bass

03/31/2021 Bass Cottage LLC to Kathryn A Bilski NKA Kathryn A Richardson Trustee for The Kathryn A Bilski Trust, 0 Grape Ave, $6,000.

Put In Bay Village School

04/02/2021 Richard P Clair and Loretta A Lupica-Clair to David W Kuhn and Caroline A Cianciolo, 45 Airline Road, $380,000.

04/02/2021 Millie H Dominguez nka Millie H hopes to Thomas O rowan and Julia A Roesner, 1240 Put In Bay Road, $409,000.

Put In Bay Township

03/29/2021 Joseph C DaPore to Stellar Innovations & Solutions INC, 0 Airline Lot 10, $225,000.

03/29/2021 Joseph C DaPore to Stellar Innovations & Solutions INC, 1442 Airline Road, $650,000.

03/31/2021 Brandon A Webb to Kevin Thomas Scarpino, Sub Lot # 324 Burgundy Bay, $6,000.

03/31/2021 Nott Holdings LLC to ETC Custodian fbo Kelly Henry IRA, 1631 Hazards Alley, $63,700.

Salem Township

03/31/2021 Mayberry, Ltd to David Norton, 148 West Water Street, $120,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

03/31/2021 Eugene and Bernadine A Hammer to Snyder Apartments and Properties Ltd, 110 North Church Street, $75,000.

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