Real Estate Transfers 5-13-21

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Benton Township

05/06/2021 Witt Family Farms LLC to YES Properties LLC, 2459 North Elliston Trowbridge Road, $120,000.

Bay Township

05/04/2021 Joseph and Martha L Andrews to Joseph W and Janet Andrews, 3085 West Wayne Road, $86,000.

Carroll Township

05/07/2021 Michael W and Sue A Blakely to Kris A and Christine R Lesley, 9200 West Duff Washa Road, $223,500.

Clay Township

05/07/2021 James R Bryan & Glee Ann Bryan (Private Selling Officer- Shaughn Dai) to Michael Lorenzen, 20655 West Main Street, $20,201.50

05/07/2021 Emery R and Amanda Gillingham to Brandon H Hymore, 520 Main Street, $146,000.

Elmore Corp

05/04/2021 Michael L Almroth to Citizens Bank NA, 305 Harris Street, $46,667.

05/05/21 Richard T and Shawn M Barteck to OurHome Properties LLC, 266 Fremont Street, $25,000.

Genoa Corp

05/04/2021 Roger E and Chris Hummel to Issac M and Logan St. Marie, 208 East 10th Street, $198,000.

05/07/2021 Carol A Phillips Trustee to Cody G Feldkamp and Jasmine T Gromoske, 505 West Street, $240,000.

Harris Township

05/03/2021 Amanda R McGinnis and Michael E McGinnis III to Jeffrey T and Kahli L Richards, $275,000.

Catawba Township

05/03/2021 Curtis M Baxter Trustee to Gerald M Woodley, 1988 North Carriage Lane, $740,000.

05/07/2021 Kathleen Fic to Kenneth J Gottron, 4888 East Woodland Drive, $399,900.

Danbury Township

05/03/2021 Jeff and Kristy Melton to Matthew R and Tara Kane, 162 North Laser Lane, $150,000.

05/03/2021 Bay View Villas LLC to Douglas R and Julie A Magers, 2606 South Waterside Court, $374,800.

05/03/2021 Diane L Brewster to Tracey and Jeffrey Bogar, 5675 East Constitution Blvd, $200,000.

05/03/2021 Louisville Title Agency for N.W Ohio Inc to Jaromy and Dawn C Havrilla, 2398 South Harbor Bay Drive, $114,900.

05/03/2021 Bay View Villas LLC to James M and Sandra M Kahoe, 2610 South Waterside Court, $339,900.

05/05/2021 Jack E and Mary Ann Harris to Stephen Andrews Jr, 1735 South Lightner Road, $80,000.

05/05/2021 Stephen v and Wanda K Campbell to Keith E and Kathleen M Joy, 335 North Lighthouse Oval, $175,000.

05/07/2021 Thomas D and Charlotte M Kostal to BPM- Brown Property Management LLC & Keith G and Courtney A Brown, 5990 Bayshore Road & 5964 Bayshore Road, $10.00 & $180,000.

05/07/2021 Spotted Dog Properties LLC to Douglas S and Mary Kay Keith, 5831 East Harbor Road Unit D-12, $81,400.

05/07/2021 Lawrence E and Nancy L Koverman to Todd and Michele R Kuhrt, 5715 East Mistic Bay Boulevard, $864,000.


05/03/2021 Patricia M and Jeffrey D Neverman Trustees to Monica O and Jacob H Lavelle, 4578 Forest Glen Lane East, $75,000.

05/03/2021 Lisa J and Marvin D Stalter to Allen and Pamela Szegedy, 10911 Bayshore Drive #601, $378,000.

Erie Township

05/03/2021 Douglas Hoting to David R Barnes, 1220 West Richey #103, $5,000.

Port Clinton Corp

05/03/2021 Gluth Properties LLC to Julia Garcia, 1329 South West Bay Drive, $26,900.

05/03/2021 Cathy L and James A LeSueur to Thomas J and Marcia Kaiser, 240 West Lakeshore Drive G-12, $175,000.

05/03/2021 Jerry Buccilla to Saade S Hamed and Sharon L Bond-Hamed, 711 West Lakeshore Drive, $272,000.

05/06/2021 Martha (Marty) J Brown Trustee to Tony D Capodice, 512 Madison Street, $170,000.

Portage Township

05/03/2021 Regina Peters to Kevin R Heck, 30 West Wilcox Road, $159,900.

Middle Bass

05/05/2021 Jason M Robke and Jennifer M Wait-Robke to Barbara J Linder, 1575 Deist Road Unit#3, $268,000.

05/05/2021 EJ Schaffer Properties LLC to Luna Bella Resorts LLC, 400 Swartz Lane #201, $118,000.

Put In Bay Village School

05/05/2021 Geauga Holdings LLC to Minority Contracting LLC, 1230 Tri Motor Drive Unit # 1, $210,000.

05/07/2021 The Estate of Joseph Daniel Savage to Miranda Krueger, 0 Lawrence Avenue lot 71 & 72, $55,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

05/07/2021 U.S Bank National Association, as Trustee to Duane Tooman, 328 East Water Street, $64,800.

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