Real Estate Transfers 5-19-22

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Allen Township

05/13/2022 David Golis to Lawrence S Fairall and Ashley B Fairall, 0 Trowbridge Road, $135,000.

Benton Township

05/12/2022 Arlyn J Bensch (Successor Trustee) to Gerald L Whipple and Cheryl L Whipple, 0 Licker-Harder Road, $9,869.

Bay Township

05/10/2022 Linda M Kobak to Barbara E Oyer and Danny D Oyer (Trustees), 3130 West Canal Road, $150,000.

Carroll Township

05/09/2022 Keith Keivens Sr. to Jason and Kasandra Boney, 10164 West Locust Point, $20,000.

Genoa Corp

05/13/2022 Michael L Schuster to New Residential Mortgage Loan Trust 2016-1, 812 Main Street, $41,200.

Harris Township

05/11/2022 Jonathan T Keller and Jody L Keller to William L Keller and Lindsey M Keller, 20150 West Portage River South Road, $30,000.

Catawba Township

05/09/2022 Ray C Thomas and Jill M Thomas to Jay M Myers and Kathy Myers, 1623 Catawba Road Unit# 107, $33,000.

05/12/22 Maureen M Saponari to Robert G Findish and Deborah L Findish, 102 North Harbors End, $238,000.

05/13/2022 James W Lippus to Roger Patrick and Julie Ann Smith, 0 East Highland Drive, $73,900.

Danbury Township

05/09/2022 Laurie E Blakely and James E Blakey to Eric S Richter, 129 North Woodwinds Way, $405,000.

05/10/2022 Michelle R Clark to Kim Marshall, 2220 & 2230 South Commodore, $350,000.

05/11/2022 Scott R Harris and Lisa M Harris to Lisa Marie Kuelling and Jeffrey Dodd Kuelling, 6391 Royce Drive, $240,000.

05/12/2022 Ted A Patrick (Successor Trustee of Dorothy A Patrick Trust) to Thomas C Osborne and Carol A Osborne, 605 North Westwood Drive, $500,000.

05/12/2022 Victoria A Sanner (½ interest) to Timothy P Cooper and Julia A Fitzpatrick-Cooper, 200 Arman Road, $125,000.

05/13/2022 Robert D Crawford II to Steven Sova and Patricia Sova, 6970 East Long Point Circle, $732,000.

05/13/2022 Scott R Harris and Lisa M Harris to Carolyn Foster and Mitchell Foster, 6331 & 6361 Royce, $130,000.


05/13/2022 Kyle T Evans and Julie C Evans to Margaret A Ruebensall (Trustee), 3675 East Baycliff Drive, $140,000.

Port Clinton Corp

05/10/2022 Robert G Slauterbeck to Beth Prentice, 714 Madison Street, $160,000.

05/12/2022 Torrent Capital LLC to Antione L Davis, 218 Washington Street, $160,000.

05/12/2022 David M Behrens and Susan E Behrens to Frederick P Gambill and Kathy G Gambill, 201 Short Street, $200,000.

05/13/2022 Garold L King to Jeff Morgan Realty Group LLC, 840 South Monroe, $20,000.

Portage Township

05/13/2022 Deborah Lynn Frankowski (1/2 interest) to Patricia Ziegman, 4125 East Kirk, $20,000.

Put In Bay Township- School

05/13/2022 Kathleen A LaPlante to James Nemec and Tanner Nemec, 190 LaPlante Lane, $91,500.

Put In Bay Corp

05/13/2022 David G Washtock Jr to Marjan Hristovski and Maria Hristovski, 269 Erie, $430,000.

Put In Bay Township

05/10/2022 Agnieszka A Uszak to Joshua E Niese and Kaitlin E Niese, 35 Chapman Road, $385,000.

Salem Township

05/10/2022 Timothy D Pratt and Kathleen K Pratt to Ricky Hughes, 9629 West State Route 163, $150,000.

05/10/2022 Thomas M Spangler and Richard A Spangler to Judd M and Shannon S Lickert, 0 SR 19, $210,969.94

05/10/2022 David J Spangler to Judd M and Shannon S Lickert, 0 SR 19, $105,484.96

Oak Harbor Corp

05/09/2022 Matthew T Tolbert and Jazzman M Tolbert to Philip Ryckman and Misty Ryckman, 408 West Main Street, $300,000.

05/12/2022 William Thomas Linville to David Benjamin Honaker, 217 West Ottawa Street, $16,000.

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