Real Estate Transfers 5-5-22

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Benton Township

Arlyn J Bensch TTEE to Gahler Grain Farms LLC, 1180 N Graytown Rd, $749,613

Bay Township

Leroy G & Cathy M Hall to Ila Catherine Hofacker, 8074 W Tousaint, $499,800

Jarrod Skinner & Jessica Henderson to Travis L Cook, 4267 W. Oak Habor Eastern Rd., $100,000

Carroll Township

Richard L & Cynthia L Tesnow to Timothy R & Tonja E Walker, 8832 Canada Goose Court, $108,000

Marie Charlene Arbutina TTEE to Sean & Dilara Casey, 6477 Teal Bend, $89,9000

Dale F & Dianne M Grimm to Richard, Buffy & Bailery M Hicks, 6368 Teal Bend, $83,000

Genoa Corp

Gary L &Valorie R Yedica to Nicholas Anthony Jerron, 103 East 5th Street,$90,000

Henry W Bergman to Carrie M Sheldon, 206 11th St, $230,000

Harris Township

Boyd & Wendy Ernstausen to Choya & Addie Hawn, 16154 W SR 105, $307,000

Elmore Corporation

Mark Tornow to Laura L Tornow, 640 Rice Street, $133,000

Catawba Township

Aimee Malcolm to Toledo Transformation LLC, 2669 Sand Road, $700,000.

Betty & Donald Schock to Michael T Phillips, 611 N Vineyard Circle, $254,250

Joyce M Bremyer to Garlin T. & Betty Erwin, 4170 East Laurel Ridge Drive, $450,000

G Timothy & Betty Erwin to Brian A Oleksa, 1907 North Concord Circle, $335,000

SMAJ Holdings LLC to Mark R & Jacqueline A Dvine, 5555 Eastview, $370,000

Danbury Township

Elizabeth L Alexander to John a Eckert, Lake Bld, $215,000

Barbara J McClung to Lakeside Bird’s Nest LLC, 725 Poplar, $369,000

Thomas J Couglin & Carmen m Figueroa Trustees to Julia & Craig Cottingham, 1909 NAN, $849,9000

Robert J Vyrostek to Norleena Renee Poynter & Mattew W Tylicki, 1510 N Buck Rd, $200,000

Portage Township

The William S Smith and Susan M Smith Joint Revocable Trust to Michael A and Nancy L Grandillo, 3241 East Linda Lane, $940,000.

Fifth Third bank to Frank G & Rebecca L Harris, 606 Laurel Avenue, $82,667

Donna M Silva to Elliott R and Ellen Goetz, 419 W Third St, $50,000

Jay A and Garie R Reed to Kristine Becker, 411 E 4th St, $235,000

Put In Bay Township

Gregory L Shaffer to Dustin G Shaffer, 380 Lakeview Ave, $440,000

Salem Township

Roy & Mary Pat Whitaker to Robert P & Lucinda S Young, 12670 W. St. Rt. 163, $380,000

Oak Harbor Corp

Fredick E Kohlman to Village of Oak Harbor, 250 W, Main Street, $31,800

Joyce A Argabrite to Tina Newton & Parker DG Audiano, 516 Park Street, $194,000

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