Real Estate Transfers 6-10-21

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Allen Township

06/04/2021 Mark Gruetter to Robert J Dotson II and Eleanor G Schwalde, 2701 Wells Fargo Way, $193,000.

06/04/2021 Chance Enterprised LLC to Stoneco Inc., 22444 West Walbridge East Road, $199,000.

06/04/2021 Mischele L Cheek to Matthew and Kelly Powell, 21279 Toledo Street, $134,500.

Benton Township

06/02/2021 Edward Pelz To Joseph R Hall III & Crystal M Young, 18209 West State Route 579, $2,500.

06/04/2021 James L Sigurdson to Eric and Rachel Edinger, 17580 Walbridge East Road, $28,000.

Bay Township

06/03/2021 Judith A Moder- Trustee to Frederick J and Laurie H Mammarella, 645 South Tiffin Street, $120,000.

Carroll Township

06/04/2021 Kathy Lerch to Carl Michael and Cheryl R Hammer, 6469 Harris Harbor Drive, $75,000.

Clay Township

06/04/2021 Ronald L Dibling- Trustee to Michael L Rushlow, 23945 West Meadow Drive, $141,000.

Harris Township

06/02/2021 Robin A Ruff- Successor Trustee to Buy The Block LLC, 18980 State Route 51, $115,000.

Catawba Township

06/01/2021 Gina Lecate to Craig and Andrea Trick (Trustees), 3661 East Wildwood Drive, $55,000.

06/01/2021 M Patricia Gates to Joseph Michael and Melodie Ann Gee, 769 North Vineyard Circle, $300,000.

06/04/2021 Harbor’s Edge Development II Ltd to Daniel M Gatta and Carol Ann Gatta Trustees of The Gatta family Trust, 4862 Tradewinds Drive, $561,490.

06/04/2021 Bob’s Builders Quality Construction Homes to Michael Denno, 5050 East Blue Teal Drive, $49,999.

Danbury Township

06/01/2021 Gary J and Judy J Balsom to Theresa Marie and Ronald Blaine Ayers, 2300 South Commodore Court, $359,900.

06/02/2021 The Slye Family Revocable Living DTD 09/04/02 to Jeffrey T and Nancy A Hill, 1697 Harbor Crossing Road, $59,870.

06/02/2021 Shirley A Fierce- Sole Trustee to David E and Debra L Smith, 340 Lighthouse Oval, $190,00.

06/02/2021 Leonard Paul Blair- Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Toledo to Thomas B DeHaas Jr., 0 SR 163, $65,000.


06/02/2021 Matthew R and Tara E Kane to Joanne and Alexander Kennedy, 211 North Laser Lane, $50,000.

Erie Township

06/01/2021 Pam Shively- Executor of the Estate of Lester Hamm to Jackie L Caudill, 1220 West Richey Road Water Slip # 43, $3,000.

06/01/2021 Richard Lyons to Richard L and Cheryl A Gunckle, 1220 West Richey Road Water Slip # 19, $3,500.

Port Clinton Corp

06/02/2021 Matthew P and Carrie L Lewis to Jeffrey D and Angel D Kaplan, 1807 East Perry Street # 83, $237,500.

06/04/2021 Erin Cremean to William F and Faith L Yost, 133 Cedar Street, $230,000.

Portage Township

06/03/2021 Gluth Properties LLC to Shawn Allarding and Kristy Roeder, 1369 South West Bay Drive, $30,000.

06/04/2021 ETC Custodian FBO Norman A Peiffer to Tyler Adam Gardner and Valerie Elaine Sandy, 1759 South Hickory Grove Road, $35,000.

06/04/2021 JDM Island Development LLC to Rick J Stechshulte, 2801 Nor-Easter Cove Drive, $99,900.

06/04/2021 JDM Island Development LLC to Rick J Stechshulte, 2801 Nor-Ester Cover Drive, $106,900.

06/04/2021 Guadalupe and Helmet Wuersig to Terry I Carico Sr, 1252 East Lockwood Road, $70,000.

Put In Bay Village School

06/01/2021 Javan J Thompson, Jennifer A Thompson, and Charleen L Hanchak to Javan J Thompson and Jennifer A Thompson, 706 Duff Road, $84,334.

Put In Bay Township

06/02/2021 ETC Custodian James D Rogers to Equity Trust Company Custodian Paul Jeris IRA. 1286 Tri Motor Drive Unit 104, $345,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

06/04/2021 Steven P and Lisa H Deuschle to Shawnna Lauber, 406 North Church Street, $125,000.

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