Real Estate Transfers 6-17-21

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Allen Township

06/09/2021 Sharon M and Robert A Anderson to Randolph M Lajti, 24729 West State Route 579, $159,500.

06/10/2021 Shari L Dougherty to Lauren Elizabeth Horvath, 21265 West Toledo, $130,000.

Bay Township

06/11/2021 Danielle r Franck to Annette S Clair, 5120 West Little Portage East Road, $172,000.

BCS School in Bay

06/10/2021 Jeffery S Adams to Eric D Hahn, 6830 West Oak Harbor Southeast, $431,000.

Carroll Township

06/08/2021 Brian K and Elaine H Wood to Gerald E and Samantha N Tucholski, 1599 North Toussaint Portage Road, $240,000.

06/09/2021 Michael and Sheila Farrant to Thomas A and Victoria Siegrist, 1095 North Bass Lane, $48,000.

06/10/2021 Robert Charles Klaiber Jr. to Randy and Lynne E Ruggles, 6491 Teal Bend Drive, $45,000.

Clay Township

06/10/2021 Joseph R Verb II and Deborah R Verb and JJV LLC to Makenna B Auger, 2858 North Downing Road, $158,500.

Elmore Corp

06/09/2021 Shawn Curry to Rife Realty, 345 Rice Street, $155,000.

Genoa Corp

06/08/2021 James E and Janet L Hardy to Brian A and Andrea L Beard, 0 10th Street & West SR 51, $233,168.

06/10/2021 Jessica N Hummel nka Jessica N Anstead to Sean A and Stephanie Meixer, 606 Wilson Street, $132,250.

06/10/2021 Cindy Mae (Caldwell) Martinez to Kaylee Ann Chasteen and William Patrick Ling, 1515 Buckeye Street, $130,000.

Harris Township

06/09/2021 Joseph R and Vicky Schiavone to Misty Morgan, 2810 S Opfer Lents, $139,900.

06/11/2021 John A and Joyce A Weithman to Chris A and Roger E Hummel, 20782 West State Route 105, $42,000.

Catawba Township

06/07/2021 David McNeal to Nelson & Kay Whisler, 0 North Windward, $3,500.

06/08/2021 Mary Ann Robbs –Trustee to Chad D and Julie K Hefflinger, 0 North Carriage, $24,500.

06/09/2021 William L Osborne Jr and Kathryn Osborne to Justin W and Sandi L Sopko, 2695 Canterbury Circle 31-C, $375,000.

06/09/2021 Ann D Miller Successor Trustee to Margaret E Clemons, 627 North Vineyard Circle, $225,000.

06/09/2021 Scott and Olsie L Keils to Mary Landmark, 1894 Northwest Catawba Road, $230,000.

06/10/2021 Quinterprise LLC to Carl R Oveymyer, 0 Ohmswood Drive, $90,000.

Danbury Township

06/09/21 Randal Alan and Ann Kathryn Hopkins, Co-Trustees to John T Slager-Trustee, 425 Walnut Avenue, $165,000.

06/09/2021 Kathleen A Tomick- Trustee of the Kathleen Tomick Trust to Edward and Kelly Laforge, 2551 South Bay Vista Drive, $447,500.

06/10/2021 Jack and G Dobos Mikals to Rosario Boscarello Sr and Rosario Boscarello II, 7186 East Tanglewood Drive, $205,000.

06/10/2021 Gerald F Learmon-Trustee to Leickly Holding Company, 212 E Seventh, $620,000.

06/10/2021 The Cove On the Bay LLC to Charles P and Courtney R Roach, 2776 South Amherst Avenue, $43,000.

06/11/2021 Jean L and Daniel S Svejkovsky-Co Trustees to Man Cave Properties LLC, 5826 & 5836 East Saylor Ave, $105,000.

06/11/2021 Lawrence H and Stephanie J Hesler to Bradley A and Teresa K Lonsway, 2087 Bayview Drive, $380,540.

Erie Township

06/07/2021 Thomas J and Diane L Schmersal to Shawn McCauley and Craig Kennedy, 1220 West Richey Road- Waterslip 98 & RV 68, $27,050.

Port Clinton Corp

06/07/2021 R & M Co to Port Clinton Bible Methodist Church, 147 Maple Street, $189,967.

06/09/2021 Larry P and LeAnne Butzin to Laramie D Spurlock and Dawn M Bryant, 248 West Lakeshore Drive, $195,000.

06/11/2021 Mary A Podgurski to Steven L Joseph, 220 Walnut Street, $109,000.

06/11/2021 Jamie L Blausey to U.S Bank Trust National Association, 524 Harrison Street, $68,000.

06/11/2021 Paul L Wilkins-Trustee to Kenny W Havice, 413 Adams Street, $85,000.

Portage Township

06/07/2021 Standard Development Company of Ohio to Cornerpoint Holdings LLC, 940 Southeast Catawba Road, $440,000.

06/07/2021 Storage Condominiums Inc to Michael A Nagode and Melody E Riggs, 764 Southeast Catawba Road #36, $67,500.

06/08/2021 Thomas E Kowalczk, John S Kowalczk, and Ronald J Kowalczk to Richard C and Cindy S Karp, 1024 East Hickory Grove, $315,000

Middle Bass

06/10/2021 Steven C and Scott C Mesenburg to Cory A and Jessica Freimark Paul, 1130 Gant, $170,000.

Put In Bay Corp

06/08/2021 Estate of Linda A Buttrey, by Jennifer Blumensaadt Executor to W. Chandler Stevens Jr., 0 SR 357, $6,500.

Put In Bay Township

06/10/2021 Daniel Francis and Mary T O’Neill to JROM Investments LLC, Farragut Lots, $49,090.92.

06/10/2021 Kevin Michael O’Neill to JROM Investments LLC, Farragut Lots, $5,454.53.

06/10/2021 Timothy Patrick O’Neill and Jane Rutherford to JROM Investments LLC, Farragut Lots, $5,454.55

06/10/2021 Mickilu E Henry to Put In Bay Real Estate LLC, 470 Lakeview Avenue, $115,000.

Salem Township

06/08/2021 Kathryn Ruth Mehlow Ware to Whitney K Bahnsen, 255 North Behlman Road, $126,500.

06/10/2021 Debra K Brenneman to Coe Allen Whitt, 979 North State Route 19, $66,110.

Oak Harbor Corp

06/10/2021 Roger E Carpenter to Dean A Veverka, Danna L McClanahan and Christopher McClanahan, 0 Jefferson Street, $25,000.

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