Real Estate Transfers 6-2-22

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Allen Township

05/23/2022 Dean A Lowe (Successor Trustee) to Kristin L Helle, 21054 Toledo Street, $67,000.

05/25/2022 Kay A Hermann nka Kay a Laugerman and John E Laugerman Jr to Joseph P Anderzon, 31230 North Fostoria, $144,000.

Benton Township

05/27/2022 Joseph M McLear and Katelyn M McLear to Levi B Haar and Lindsay J Haar, 17170 West Trowbridge Road, $240,000.

Bay Township

05/23/2022 Cather R Norris to U.S Bank National Association, 1200 West Fremont Road, $69,600.

Carroll Township

05/26/2022 David Hymore and Rick Hymore to Brian Frey, 0 North Locust, $23,000.

Clay Township

05/27/2022 Glenn G Grady to RDE Real Estate LLC, 21611 West State Route 51, $425,000.

Harris Township

05/23/2022 Coty Dufendock and Diamond Lorenc to Equity Resources Inc., 14878 West State Route 163, $80,000.

05/25/22 Darwin A Overmyer and Virginia L Overmyer to Brian S Shaffer, 16705 West State Route 105, $301,000.

Catawba Township

05/25/2022 William E Koch and Scherl K Koch ( ½ interest) to Julie A Didion and Donald E Didion III, 2860 Canterbury Circle Unit D, $143,000.

05/27/2022 John M Wasko and Jill S Wasko to Gregory Lee Rosenthal and Joyce Renae Rosenthal, 0 North Windward Unit GF-10, $35,000.

05/27/2022 Barbara F Higgins and Susan Flood to Anthony Valore, 2760 Canterbury Circle, $425,000.

Danbury Township

05/23/2022 Benjamin W Brown and Jodi R Brown, 1625 North Mariner Crossing, $100,000.

05/24/2022 Louisville Title Agency of N.W Ohio to John P Koch Jr. and Noma J Koch, 2274 South Harbor Bay Drive, $134,900.

05/25/2022 Bay View Villas LLC. to Andrew Kinnear and Megan Kinnear, 2648 South Waterside Court, $479,700.

05/25/2022 Bay View Villas LLC. to Brett C Ruiz and Deanna R Ruiz, 2644 South Waterside Court, $479,700.

05/25/2022 Bay View Villas LLC to Thomas K Richardson Jr and Kathy M Richardson, 26552 South Waterside Court, $399,900.

05/27/2022 Randall k Schneider and Lea Breckner to James R Jenney, 2354 North Buck Road, $375,000.

Port Clinton Corp

5/25/2022 Mary Katherine Dare Trustee of The Mary Katherine Dare Living Trust to Kimberly j Webb and Charles R Webb, 610 Perry Street, $450,000.

05/26/2022 Zoe H Edwards to Elizabeth V Hendrix and Brandi N Hendrix, 321 Washington, $17,000.

05/27/2022 Charles E Price to Jessica Lynn Lorensen, 610 Perry Street, $159,900.

05/27/2022 Torrent Capital LLC to Reinhart T.K Properties LLC, 909 East Second Street, $100,000.

05/27/2022 Katharine L Rohrer to Kyle V Robinson, 425 East Fourth Street, $199,000.

05/27/2022 Frederick L Below to Douglas Duffy, 1402 East Second, $170,000.

05/27/2022 Colt Emigh by James L Reinheimer( Guardian) to Gregg Vavrek and Sally Newman-Vavrek, 218 Short Street, $80,000.

Portage Township

5/25/2022 Alice M Holly to Cory Thompson and Tina M Hayslett, 1252 South Dubbert Road, $500.

Put In Bay Corp

05/25/2022 Tracy Schork to Marion Property Investment LLC, 349 Doller Ave, $440,000.

Salem Township

05/27/2022 Rambler Ranch LLC to Brett M Lajti and Shannon Lajti, 3966 State Route 19, $210,736.

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