Real Estate Transfers 6-23-22

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Allen Township

06/13/2022 Shannon C Hartman to Brittany Russell and Douglas Russell, 7032 North Meyers Street, $140,000.

Carroll Township

06/17/2022 James P Mazanec and Deborah S Mazanec to James A Mazanec and Mindy S Mazanec, 6532 North Harris Harbor Drive Unit # 6532HH, $80,000.

06/17/2022 Bailee Alexander and Grant Adams to Central Colony Apartments LLC, 6493 Teal Bend, $75,000.

Clay Township

06/13/2022 Carolyn S Jessee to Michael Lorenzen and Kortney Lorenzen, 0 Opfer Lentz Road, $20,000.

06/13/2022 Dustin Hernandez and Mackenzie Hernandez to Nicholas A Boltz and Kimberly A Boltz, 2231 North Brookside Boulevard, $230,000.

06/17/2022 Joshua M Cedoz and Christine Cedoz to Katherine M Paff, 23861 West Meadow Drive, $185,000.

Genoa Corp

06/13/2022 Matthew N Widmer and Jennifer J Widmer to Griffin Todd Pollock and Kailyn Marie Pollock, 104 North Railroad, $105,000.

Elmore Corporation

06/16/2022 Robert H Schuster and Patricia A Schuster (Trustees) to Kyle Cornell, 232 Jackson Street, $215,000.

06/17/2022 Regina A Duty-Clement to Sarah E Hablitzel, Todd W Hablitzel, and Elizabeth M Habilitzel, 420 Clinton Street, $135,000.

Catawba Township

06/13/2022 Optimus Development LLC to Marblewood Homes Inc., 4259 East McKenna Lane, $37,900.

06/13/2022 Marblewood Homes Inc. to Susan E Behrens and David E Behrens, 4259 East McKenna Lane, $329,448.

06/14/2022 Cara Jones And Brian Siler to Nicholas Perrico Sr. , 4690 East Johnson Avenue, $387,500.

06/14/2022 Rick J Stechschulte to Garrett Lee Burkam-Trustee if the Garrett L Burkam Trust, 2822 Noreaster Cove, $1,385,000.

06/14/2022 Timothy W Nickell and Julia D Nickell to Gary Nicholson and Melissa Nicholson, 3616 North Delwood, $375,000.

06/15/2022 Theodore M Ofat to Lesa J Storey, 4838 East Tradewinds Drive, $610,000.

06/16/2022 Benjamin S Hartlein and Kelly M Hartlein to Charles Allen Riedl, 3905 North Ridge Road, $825,000.

06/17/2022 Edward A Brause and Cynthia K Brause (Trustees) to Lee A Short (Trustees), 3662 Rock Cliff Drive, $30,000.

Danbury Township

06/14/2022 Laura Lee Montis to Joseph A Piscitello and Dianna Piscitello, 348 South Spring Crest Drive, $190,000.

06/15/2022 William Houck to Joseph W Davis and Hannah P Davis, 340 North Florence Drive, $388,000.

06/17/2022 John Frederick Reid to Patrick Lysobey and Margaret Lysobey, 358-c North Lake Pine Drive, $178,000.

06/17/2022 Debra Ann Burris to Jacob Cramer and Raven Reed, 696 South Timber Lane, $470,000.


06/13/2022 Michael A Biel and Maria Biel to Chari M Phyfar, 10911 North Bay Drive # 603, $430,000.

Port Clinton Corp

06/13/2022 DEBEEZ LLC to Rocco & Sons LLC, 516 Jefferson Street, $127,000.

06/14/2022 Shaina C Barnum to J & M Strategic Consulting Inc., 218 Elm Street, $125,000.

06/15/2022 Lloyd and Dawn McCarroll to Dunlap Rentals LLC, 211 West Second Street, $135,700.

06/17/2022 Gretchen Ecklebarger to Daniel R Dawson and Betty J Oda, 302 Clinton Reef Drive, $165,000.

Portage Township

06/13/2022 Storage Condominiums Inc. to four Catawba Dogs LLC, 764 Southeast Catawba # 86, $116,900.

06/15/2022 James M Sass and Molly B Sass to Keith Heileman, Jeanette L Heileman, & Vanessa A Heileman, 1687 Fulton Street, $200,000.

Salem Township

06/15/2022 Victoria Sanderson and Jeremy Sanderson to Robert G Slauterbeck, 769 North Atwater Road, $264,000.

06/16/2022 Megan Teneyck to Zachary Walter Price, 11779 West State Route 105, $200,000.

06/16/2022 Gary Chio and Becky Chio to Terry B Sifers, Rebecca A Sifers, and Pamela S Shiffert, 10490 West Salem Carroll, $280,500.

Oak Harbor Corp

06/14/2022 Mary A Hill and Charles A Hill Jr. to Eric Parker and Michele Parker, 130 Erie Street, $120,000.

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