Real Estate Transfers 6-9-22

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Allen Township

06/01/2022 Gerald P Shank Jr to Tory L Flannery and Nicholas P Flannery, 22690 West Toledo, $268,000.

06/01/2022 Dennis M Parlette to Nathan R Reineck and Serena Parlette, 22289 West Hollyhock Lane, $262,500.

06/02/2022 Wesley A Hymore to Steven M Perales, 21934 West State Route 579, $170,000.

Benton Township

06/02/2022 Tabbert Properties LLC to BOBK LLC, 1790 Walker, $150,000.

Bay Township

06/01/2022 Daniel L Starwalt and Catherine A Starwalt to Ashley C Repp and Kelley S Hardy, 3095 West Wayne Road, $325,000.

06/02/2022 C. Dale Realty LLC to LCD Storage LLC, 2075 West Fremont Road, $195,000.

Carroll Township

06/01/2022 Bradley D Jess to Zachary Barrere and Hannah Barrere, 9099 West Bier Road, $123,000.

Genoa Corp

05/31/2022 Hunter J Mihailoff and Tabitha L Miller to Mark S Barton and Beth Barton, 309 Cherry Street, $145,000.

06/01/2022 James Krueger to Melanie Gordon, 306 West 9th Street, $220,000.

Harris Township

06/03/2022 Martin H Meinke and Nancy A Meinke to Aaron Meinke and Melissa Meinke, 16514 West State Route 105, $290,000.

06/03/2022 Michael J Frankhouse and Ruth Ann Frankhouse to Aaron Novinsky, 18859 State Route 105, $214,500.

Catawba Township

06/01/2022 William M Buckley and Dawn R Buckley to John Dylan Buckley, 422 East Konker Road, $35,000.

06/02/2022 Robert R Holley and Mary C Holley to Robert D Crawford II, 1470 Northpoint Drive Unit 4-1, $609,000.

Danbury Township

05/31/2022 Adam R Twarek and Natalie F Eyink nka Natalie F Twarek to Alana F O’Neal and Jennifer L Schloatman, 720 Plum Avenue, $315,000.

06/01/2022 Bay View Villas LLC to Peter Nicholas Bringman and Mandy Elaine Lushch, 2648 South Waterside Court Unit# 8822, $389,900.

06/02/2022 Michael Wegrzyn and Rebecca L Wegryzn to Garry Stevenson and Toni S Stevenson, Unit B-11 East Harbor Condominium, $75,000.

06/03/2022 Jonathan B West and Ronald E West to Constance E Roop, 620 Jasmine Avenue, $110,010.

Port Clinton Corp

05/31/2022 Chiuchiarelli Builders Inc. to Franco Fabrizi and Domenic M Fabrizi and Silvio Fabrizi, 5270 East Bay Pointe Circle (S/L 18), $55,000.

05/31/2022 Jan M Woods and Michael K Woods to Michael K Woods II, 631 Laurel Avenue , $180,000.

06/01/2022 Kimberly A Fleenor to Alan R Walker, 217 Short Street, $90,000.

06/02/2022 Megan R Miller to Heartwise Holdings LLC, 415 Short Street, $70,000.

Portage Township

06/01/2022 Zachary Barrere and Hannah Sarty nka Barrere to Annetta M Kabler, 1985 Stover Road, $170,000.

06/03/2022 The Estate of Virginia M Knecht to Marcus E Long and Amber L Johnson, 377 North poplar, $450,000.

Middle Bass

06/01/2022 Robin M Glauser to Paul E Marshall Jr –Trustee of the Paul E Marshall Jr. Living Trust, 779 Fox Road, $295,000.

Put In Bay Township- School

06/03/2022 Michael D Alic, Antoinette M Alic, Maryanne r Alic to Paul M Cheney and Carolyn J Cheney (1/2 interest), $180,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

06/03/2022 Gordon Land Holding Company LLC to Woodland Custom Home Builders LLC, 343 Planation Lane, 401 Plantation Lane, 415 Plantation Lane, 457 Plantation Lane, $12,000.

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