Real Estate Transfers

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Bay Township

12/30/20 Clyde W Warriner to Kurt and Amy Weber, 530 Clyde Street, $45,000.

Clay Center Corp

12/31/20 Vincent A Jr and Marlyce A Smith to Jason L Smith and Sarah K Hartke, 2857 North Scott Court, $110,000.

Carroll Township

12/28/20 John A and Tina M Glass to Danielle R Glass, 11499 West Genzman, $120,000.

Catawba Island Township

12/29/20 David Yu Shen Lai to Chad J and Mary Gunerra, 3825 North Cliff Road, 179,000.

12/30/20 Kimberlie K England and John J Wojcik to Alan and Monique Wohl, 1352 North Orchard Beach, 4251,500.

12/30/20 Jennifer A Fiorletta, Peter Michael Claus, and Maria C Claus to Gilbert M and Stephanie Borlaza, 1561 North Edgewater Drive, $300,000.

Genoa Corp

12/28/20 Julie Lee Schimming to Brian Helle, 1202 Washington Street, $71,000.

12/29/20 Donald E Habegger to NSJ Investments LLC, 501 Wilbur Street, $325,000.

Harris Township

12/29/20 Norbert L and Cynthia S Bliss to Joseph P and Brenda L Fath, 2125 Hessville Road, $228,000.

Danbury Township

12/29/20 Arch Stone Development LLC to Kevin Mark Yaugher, 2548 South Waterside Court, $345,000.

12/29/20 Jenny L Curtis (Successor) to Jenny L Curtis, 622 East Second Street, $438,750.

12/30/20 Safe Harbor Marina to Stephen D and Michelle L Rizhaupt, 62 North Gone Fishin, $145,000.

12/30/20 Robert Eric Brown (aka Robert E Brown) to S David and Brenda L Roush, 0 Channel Grove Road, $30,000.

12/31/20 W Daniel and Lorrie Ann Traetow to Nitro Pest Solutions LLC, 5686 East Harbor Road, $120,000.


12/30/20 Nancy A and Geoffrey A Bailey to Daniel W and Susan E Shealy, 2088 Skyline Drive, $136,500.

Erie Township

12/29/20 The Estate of Jeffrey L Cook to Anthony Johannsen, 3539 SR 163, 75,000.

Port Clinton Corp

12/29/20 Edward Raymond Fitzgerald to Rebecca Marez, 717 Jackson, $133,100.

12/29/20 Ed Fitzgerald to Jennifer Firmar, 1112 Glendale, $135,000.

12/29/30 Daniel E Reineke to Motte & Bailey Assets LLC, 1609 Waters Edge, $387,000.

Portage Township

12/30/20 Laurie L Hickman to David R and Sheila M Barnes, 1324 South Dubbert Road, $490,000.

Middle Bass

12/30/20 MBI Investments LLC to St. Hazards Yacht Club Condominium Association, 400 Swartz Lane (approx. 2.7958), $175,000.

Put In Bay Village School

12/29/20 Norbert W Shultz to Douglas Herlensky and Susan Mantey, 799 West Shore Boulevard, $535,000.

12/29/20 Katherine A Bejamin to Heineman Winery Inc, 65 Benjamin Lane, $950,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

12/30/20 Ronald D and Margie A Krieger to Curtis E and Traci J Riechman. 218 Locust Street, $110,000.

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