Real Estate Transfers 7-28-22

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Benton Township

07/20/2022 Sara Oberhaus to Juston Pelow, 3622 North Elliston Trowbridge Road, $275,034.

07/21/2022 Estate of Rodney L Beams to Toussaint River Partners LLC, 4165 North Graytown & 0 North Stange ( 40 acres), $550,000.

07/21/2022 Kimberly J Wetzel fka Kimberly J Beehler to Jedidiah J Wetzel and Crystal R Wetzel, 144 North Stange Road, $152,000.

BCS School in Bay

07/19/2022 Brian R Michael and Tomi A Michael to William A Snyder Jr and Carolynn K Snyder, 0 Portage River South, $140,000.

Carroll Township

07/18/2022 Estate of Brian S Glaser to Derek J Glaser, 11310 West Bier Road, $281,000.

07/18/2022 Paul D Fizer ( Private Selling Officer- Shaughn T Daily) to Jeffrey L Konz Jr and Valerie A Konz, 11320 West Duff Washa Road, $61,880.

07/21/2022 Jerry and Jan E Tomlinson to Kaiden D Williams, 6495 North Harris Harbor, $94,000.

07/21/2022 Dean A Huston and Roger L Huston to Allan J Avery Jr and Tina Avery, 0 Carroll Erie Road, $202,000.

07/21/2022 Jeffrey A Kleman to Cassidy Emans, 6646 North Ottawa, $15,500.

Clay Township

07/19/2022 Matthew B Snyder and Michael A Snyder to Lisa M Lattea, 23116 West Edgefield, $115,000.

07/20/2022 Steven M Clere , Dennis J Clere , Robert J Clere, and David R Clere to Sarah Sanchez and DJ Everett, 24124 State Route 51 West, $297,500.

07/20/2022 Gretchen Densic Successor Trustee of the Calvin E Hoffer and Karen I Hoffer Revocable Trust to Stacy L brown and Merle J Brown, 25370 North Fostoria Road, $230,000.

Catawba Township

07/19/2022 David C Owen to Jason L and Courtney L Byers, 1134 Northwest Catawba Road, $80,000.

07/19/2022 Michael A Owen to Jason L and Courtney L Byers, 1134 Northwest Catawba Road, $80,000.

07/19/2022 Bridget r Andrews and Amanda A Andrews to Motte & Bailey Assets LLC, 4660 East Woodland Drive, $350,000.

Danbury Township

07/19/2022 Mary E Bailey to U.S Bank Trust National Association- as Trustee of the Bungalow Series Irrevocable Trust, 1500 South Heritage Street, $95,100.

07/20/2022 John C Patterson and Sharon K Patterson to Keith J Fox and Jane A Fox, 2117 South Meter Road, $280,000.

07/20/2022 Northcoast Anchor Development LLC to Wilhok LLC, 7130 East Harbor Road, $500,000.

07/20/2022 JKW Properties LLC to Wilhok LLC, 7130 East Harbor Road, $400,000

Erie Township

07/20/2022 Judith M Oleska-Trustee of the Judith M Oleska revocable trust dated December 3, 2003 to Benjamin L Keller, 1424 North Tettau Road, $112,500.

07/20/2022 Judith M Oleska and Cheryl DeVore- Co-Trustees of the Jerome e Oleska Revocable Trust dated December 3, 2003, 1424 North Tettau Road, $112,500.

07/22/2022 John E Jonscher and Ellen Jonscher-Trustees of the Jonscher Trust to timothy J Selz and Cynthia L Selz (1/2 interest) and Edward L and Cynthia A Wertenberger (1/2 interest), 1220 West Richey Road Waterslip #93 & RV Site #69, $62,000.

Port Clinton Corp

07/20/2022 Classy Homes LLC to Xanadu Properties LLC, 213 Walnut, $188,000.

Portage Township

07/19/2022 Storage Condominiums Inc. to John W Hall and Holly Hall-Trustees of John W and Holly A Hall Trust, $62,900.

07/19/2022 Storage Condominiums Inc. to Jason O’Brien and Melissa Brehe, 764 Southeast Catawba Road # 106 & #108, $181,900.

07/19/2022 Storage Condominiums Inc. to Michael H and Debora L Filbert, 764 Southeast Catawba Road # 102, $98,900.

Salem Township

07/18/2022 Brock Harder to Alois Schlecht and Betty Schlecht (Trustees), 8984 West Salem Carroll Road & 0.779 Acres North Leutz, $230,000.

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