Real Estate Transfers 7-29-21

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Benton Township

07/20/2021 Thomas R and Lois S McPherson (Co-Trustees) ¼ interest to Thomas and Joan Truman, 17323 Hausencomb Road, $100,277.

07/20/2021 Mary L Ziebold ¼ interest to Thomas and Joan Truman, 17323 Hausencomb Road, $100,277.

07/20/21 Barbara Jo Wells ¼ interest to Thomas and Joan Truman, 17323 Hausencomb Road, $100,277.

07/20/2021 Carol A Fanning ¼ interest to Thomas and Joan Truman, 17323 Hausencomb Road, $100,277.

Rocky Ridge

07/23/21 Jeanne M Gloor to Kenneth R and Lori A Sampsel, 617 North State Route 590, $240,000.

Bay Township

07/23/2021 Brad H and Mona L Whalen, Kenneth Robert Gamble, 675 Streeter, $31,720.

Clay Township

07/19/2021 Brian C Burke II to Vicky L Sabini, 2147 North Centerfield Drive, $130,000.

Elmore Corp

07/19/2021 Dustin T Hunt to Ronald R Hyde, 421 Lincoln Street, $170,000.

Harris Township

07/20/2021 Jared T and Christy I Diekman to Jared and Morgan Manious, 17479 West Portage River South Road, $266,000.

Catawba Township

07/19/2021 Jeffrey and Vivian L Schoenberger to Jeffrey P and Michelle A Rachel, 4475 East Marin Harbor, $335,000.

07/19/2021 ALZO LLC to Joseph M and Debora Lung, 1098 Lost Lake, $49,000.

07/19/2021 Matthew and Kristin Warholic to Eric Michael Lang, 1601 North Windward Drive, $307,777.

07/21/2021 Mathew S and Allyson M Robinson to John L and Mary L Oaskowski, 2739 C North Canterbury Circle Unit 32c, $410,000.

07/22/2021 Andrew Halleck, Deena Halleck, Tony Kramp, and Robin Kramp to Michael Rood, 1589 North Windward Road Unit W-107, $5000.

07/23/2021 Theodore and Leann Beckman to Mary Beth and Michael J Duffy (Co-Trustees), 2682 North Chateau Drive, $499,000.

07/23/2021 Leonard Que (Trustee) to Joan E Fought (Trustee of the Joan E Fought Trust), 1770 North Lakewood, $425,000.

07/23/2021 Thomas R Smith and Joan M Smith to Thomas and Kathryn Warner, 3845 North Ridge, $775,000.

07/23/2021 Robert E and Barbara J Boebel to William C and Valerie S Lakios, 3046 North Hatteras Drive, $60,000.

Danbury Township

07/19/2021 Bay View Villas LLC to Ronald W and Catherine L Davis, 2262 South Waterside Court, $359,900.

07/19/2021 Robert E Woodrome II etal to Cindy DuChemin, 178 North Bedford, $56,000.

07/22/2021 Charles and Ruth Scott to NN Enterprises LLC, 5216 East Harbor Road, $180,000.

07/22/2021 Hazel S Dunn to John M and Pamela S Good, 3595 Confederate Drive, $260,000.

07/22/2021 Terrance G Cleis Sr and Nancy H Cleis to Jeremy and Lydia Ohlinger, 434 Maple Avenue, $259,000.

07/23/2021 Bay View villas LLC to Chat T Mapus, 2620 South Waterside Court Unit #622, $349,900.

07/23/2021 Sheehan Ventures LLC to Douglas and Carolyn Comrie, 2150 Meter Road, $429,000.


07/23/221 Patrick O’Brien and Janet O ‘Brien to Ryan C Haire and Bradley T Haire, 509 Bay Point, $900,000.

07/23/2021 Kathrod Investments LLC to Marshall Straight, 0 East Main Units G10 & G11, $25,000.

Port Clinton Corp

07/21/2021 Charles Kelly to Curtis M Johnson, 316 ½ Laurel Ave, $26,000.

07/22/21 Gladys Edington Trustee to Anthony N Carter, 711 West

Lakeshore Drive Unit 406G, $129,000.

Portage Township

07/19/2021 Storage Condominium INC to Laurie B and Brian B Beam, 764 Southeast Catawba Road Unit # 65, $64,900.

07/20/2021 Sandra G Saunders (Trustee of the Sandra G Saunders Family Trust) to Raymond Stefanski III and Kristen J Stefanski, 648 Rohde Drive, $375,000.

07/23/21 Donald E Groff II and Joseph L Von Der Weis to Darlene Margaret and John George Hudeck, 18 South Faythe Drive, $150,000.

07/23/2021 David Scott Smith to John and Patrice Sapola, 2490 Schiewe Road, $120,000.

Put In Bay Corp

07/20/2021 Ronald and Eileen Kohut to Timothy J Delaney (Trustee), 76 Toledo Ave, $80,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

07/19/2021 The Oak Harbor Memorial Post # 8732 VFW to Cimarron Leasing Company Inc., 251 West Main Street, $250,000.

07/19/2021 Cimarron Leasing Inc. to Kenneth E and Rebecca A Petersen, 251 West Main Street, $150,000.

07/23/2021 Samuel and Herlinda Mills to Anthony and Jennifer Stewart, 115 North Maple Street, $105,000.

07/23/2021 Glenna Lee Hetrick to Robert L and Kimberly B Wistinghausen, 159 East Main Street, $132,500.

Bayside Comfort

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