Real Estate Transfers 7-6-23

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Allen Township

06/26/2023 Daniel J. Helle & Steven A. Helle to Brandon Helle, 20975 W. Toledo Street, $57,000.

06/27/2023 Brenda McClough & Barbara A Brocki to Rebecca J Buffington, 6779 N Opfer Lentz Rd, $100,000.

06/27/2023 Duane R Tailford and Tamara A. Tailford to Alan R Brown and Traci J Brown, 21091 W. Buckeye Street, $170,000.

06/27/2023 Estate of Elizabeth Ann Lemons Aka Betty A Lemons to Brandon N. King, 22561 W State Route 579, $200,000.

Rocky Ridge

06/28/2023 Thomas J Miller and Sandra Miller to NexGen Coastal Investments LLC, 14571 West 2nd Street, $85,000.

Bay Township.

06/26/2023 Michael L. Cronquist and Tracy G Wells to B&A Housing Rentals LLC, 715 Streeter Road, $ 125,000.

06/26/2023 Timothy W Calvert to Cody A Gabel and Megan N Gabel. 2400 West Sandy Lane, $130,000.

06/27/2023 Thomas M Luke aka T. Michael Luke and Melanie M Luke to Patrick A Welker and Deborah K Welker, 650 & 660 South Bradner Road, $290,000.

06/27/2023 William Jacob Thomas to K Square Holdings LLC, 0 Nugents Canal Point ( Lot 313), $1,000.

06/29/2023 Estate of Jimmy L Lovern to Board of Trustees, Bay Township, 4443 W Fremont Road, $70,000.

Carroll Township

06/27/2023 Eric F Richardson and Yaowaluk Richardson to Todd Williams and Alexandra L Williams, 11101 West Genzman Road, $375,000.

06/29/2023 Olin M & Megan L Yurista to Cindy A & Chelsea N Vollmer, 11725 W Salem Carroll Rd,$148,000.

06/30/2023 James W Wheadon and Margaret J Wheadon (Co-trustees) to Jolene K Gruber and Kelly j Ziegler-Trustees of The Barbara j Starr Investment Trust dated March 28, 2016, 1080 North Bass, $15,000.

06/30/2023 Donald l Hurst Jr to The Bank of New York Mellon, Successor to The Bank of New York, 7975 West Toussaint East Road, $30,000.

Clay Township

06/28/2023 Michael A Rospert and Lauren Rospert to Michael T Dove and Molly Amelia Dove, 23329 West Hellwig, $246,000.

06/30/2023 Estate of Glen Gardner to Anthony K Wiciak and Melinda A Wiciak, 0 North Billman Road (2.047 acres), $75,000.

06/30/2023 Estate of Glen A Gardner to Kevin M Fox and Kathy S Fox-Trustees of the Kevin M Fox Revocable Trust dated April 14, 2011 and Kathy S Fox Revocable Trust dated April 14, 2011, 0 Billman Road (157.953 acres), $1,501,000.

06/26/2023 Jacob Rothert to Sara S. Dresser, 18401 Deno Road, $100,000.

Catawba Township

06/26/2023 Dennis P. Mulvihill and Melissa A. Mulvihill to David Delorge and Maureen Delorge, 4829 E Tradewinds Drive, $675,000.

06/26/2023 Steven E Armstrong and Mary Beth Armstrong to Dennis Mulvihill and Melissa Mulvihill Co Trustees of The Dennis Mulvihill Trust Agreement Dated June 7, 2021, 4716 Tradewinds Drive, $810,000.

06/27/2023 Marks BVG LLC to Knoll Crest Investors, LLC 3147 North East Catawba Road, $1,500,000.

06/28/2023 Barbara A Ayers to Kenneth J & Julia M Connell, 4849 E Wood Duck Ct, $801,400.

06/29/2023 Robert J. Block and Janet A. Block to Scott R. Them and Kevin M. Conway, 2680 North Canterbury Circle B. $499,000.

06/29/2023 Michael J Irlbacher Jr & Candice L Stryker to Allen N & Margie J Boros, 4560 N Marsh’s Edge Boulevard, $859,000.

06/30/2023 Davenport Real Estate Development LLC to Rick J Stechschulte, 870 North Falling Waters, $389,000.

06/30/2023 4727 Tradewinds LLC to Susan J Sutton-Trustee of The Susan J Sutton Trust dated February 26, 2014, 4727 Tradewinds Drive, $580,000.

06/30/2023 Evan Viery to Richard J Carroll II and Kelly A Carroll, 4753 E Marsh View, $93,000.

Danbury Township

06/26/2023 Theresa Ann Gannon to Johnathan A Parks, 309 N Worthy St., $225,000.

06/26/2023 Christopher D & Stacey Maple to Cynthia C GeciK-Zapor, Matthew G & Rachel C Gecik, 482 N Hillcrest Dr., $599,000.

06/26/2023 Michelle R. Blaha to Alan Gary Martin, 5040 East Port Clinton Eastern, $300,000.

06/29/2023 Ronald A Ropers and Janet Ropers McDonough aka Janet R McDonough to St. Paul Lutheran Church aka The Trustees of the First Lutheran Church, 0 South Church Road (0.7269 acres), $6,711.50.

06/29/2023 Edward and Kelly La Forge to Jodi L Harris and Daniel P Peabody III, 2551 Bay Vista Drive, $540,000.

06/30/2023 Casey M Good to Island House & Suites LLC, 102 Madison Street Unit H-126, $55,000.

06/30/2023 Terry M. Overmyer and Linda Overmyer to Jeremy S. Drown and Nikki A. Drown, 7646 East Downend Drive, $350,000.


06/26/2023 Ronald T Carrocce to Amy Harrison Kassigkeit, 421 East Main Street, $1,253,000.

06/30/2023 John A. Aigler Jr. Revocable Trust to Andrew R Esterle and Miranda J Esterle, 11190 E Bay shore Road Unit No. 11190-B. $700,000.

Erie Township

06/28/2023 John R & Barbara J Radcliff to Swan Brothers Investments LLC, 1876 Ash Street, $82,500.

Port Clinton Corp

06/26/2023 Robert E Reifsnyder-Successor Trustee of the Volita R Reifsnyder Revocable trust to Kenneth and Jeffrey Bowling-Stankorb (Co-trustees of the Bowling- Stankorb Revocable Trust dated 12-29-21, 1104 Glendale Drive, $307,000.

06/29/2023 William E and Patricia M Carleton to Derrick M and Megan L Shea, 242 lakeshore Dr #E, $245,000.

Portage Township

06/30/2023 Christine M Keuchel-Trustee of the Geiss Family Irrevocable Trust to Jason and Angela Hartman, 2045 East Sand Road #32, $85,000.

Put In Bay Township-School

06/27/2023 Brian Scott & Mary Jane Fitzgerald to Scott M Jackson, 781 Farragut, $455,000.

06/30/2023 Walter T Duff and Susan r Duff to Put In Bay Township Park District, 0 Lakeview and 0 Cooper, $300,000.

Salem Township

06/27/2023 David J Spangler, Thomas M Spangler, Richard Spangler to Salem-Oak Harbor Board of Education, 0 East Ottawa (.4806 acres), $20,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

06/29/2023 The Estate of Raymond M Sess to Central Colony Apartments LLC, 547 North Church Street, $60,000.

06/30/2023 Snyder Real Estate Ltd to Radiant Holdings LLC, 130 West Water,156-158 West Water and 164,166,& 168 West Water, $780,000.

06/30/2023 Snyder Apartments and Properties LTD to Radiant Holdings LLC, 110 North Church Street, 162 West Water Street, 126 West Water Street, $320,000.

06/30/2023 Sandra M Plaskett to Suzanne M Betcher, 330 Plantation, $15,000.

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