Real Estate Transfers 7-7-22

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Allen Township

06/27/2022 Aaron M Hahn to Joseph Dominique Elder and Lauren Micah Elder, 22171 West Tall Oak Circle, $205,000.

07/01/2022 Paul J Martorana II and Melissa Harris-Martorana to Eric C Wolff and Zachary J Wolff, 19570 West Walbridge East road, $499,900.

07/01/2022 Toussaint River Partners LLC to Chad Dennis Hartman and Jessica Christine Hartman, 19114 West Walbridge Road, $55,000.

Bay Township

06/29/2022 David L Mummey and Sandra K Mummey to Jim L Bowman and Jo Ellen Bowman, 531 S Findlay, $15,000.

7/01/2022 Estate of Luann Palmer ( ½ Interest) to Jamie L Palmer, 0 Findlay Unit 15, $19,500.

07/01/2022 Estate of Robert j Palmer to Jamie L Palmer, 0 Findlay Units 3, 5 & 15, $95,500.

07/01/2022 Thomas L Geisbuhler to Shane McNea, Leah McNea and Michele McNea, 2750 Cleveland Road, $277,000.

Carroll Township

06/29/2022 Andrew P Cuevas and Jennifer A Cuevas to Jacob J Apling, 5690 North Bodi Road, $140,000.

06/30/2022 Joi L Montano to Kelly Moore, 8965 West Canada Goose Court, $150,000.

06/30/2022 Steven Mark Jokerst to Phillip W Watkins and Maria N Watkins, 6418 Teal Bend, $50,926.

Clay Township

06/28/2022 Gerardo F Garcia and Guadalupe G Garcia to Jennifer R Marquardt and Chris J Marquardt, 20778 West Camper Road, $370,000.

06/29/2022 Genoa Area Local School District to Michael and Denise Mitchell, 2950 North Genoa Clay Center Road, $5,000.

06/29/2022 Donald J wick II and Ashley M Rehard to Marissa Bringman and Bradley K Bringman, 20622 West Camper Road, $38,000.

Genoa Corp

06/27/2022 New Residential Mortgage Loan Trust 2016-1 to Scott Stevenson, 812 Main Street, $67,200.

06/29/2022 Larry Alan Heilman to Shane Alan Heilman, 801 Wilson Street, $36,790.

06/30/2022 Michael A Gose and Shannon M Gose to Kevin Alexander and Bailee Alexander, 3998 Wallingford Court, $370,000.

Elmore Corporation

06/27/2022 Danny D Prater and Diane M Prater to Tommy J Henderson Jr., 360 Toledo Street, $167,000.

06/28/2022 Glen D Humberger Jr to Cheryl Kay Kelley, 321 Fremont Street, $162,500.

06/29/2022 Raymond Z St. Marie Jr to Danny L Ivy and Angie R Ivy, 339 Fremont Street, $150,000.

Catawba Township

06/29/2022 Michael C Sanders and Emily Sanders to Julia Smirnov, 52 North Harbors End Drive, $267,500.

06/29/2022 Robert J Fischer and Gizella T Fischer to Jane H Motley- Trustee of The Hane H Motley trust 5/3/91, $495,000.

06/30/2022 Harbor’s Edge Development II Ltd to Robert J Wurth and Cindy L Wurth, 4850 Tradewinds Drive, $659,495.

07/01/2022 Nikki L Strazzanti and Salvatore A Strazzanti to Anthony R Garzony, 4340 Marin Woods Unit # B, $350,000.

07/01/2022 Julia W Savage to Sam A Strazzanti and Nikki L Strazzanti, 4870 Tradewinds Drive, $813,000.

07/01/2022 Burkhart R Lindahl and Ryan B Lindahl to Bradly L Hohenstein and Betty J Hohenstein, 3540 East Eagle beach Circle, $237,950

07/01/2022 Laura Thomas to Angela Green, 54 North Harbors End, $238,000.

07/01/2022 Jon D Aubry (Trustee) and Rebecca Aubry (Trustee) to Bernard E McCoy and Victoria A McCoy (Co-Trustees), 4355 #F Marin Woods Boulevard, $424,000.

Danbury Township

06/29/2022 Rukman Sutanto to Carrie Lawrence, 365 North Lighthouse Oval, $200,000.

06/29/2022 Esteban Wiederhold to Donald W Helvey and Lisa A Helvey, 4706 North Lake Pine Drive, $230,000.

06/29/2022 William A Brown and Bree M Brown to Joan M Noblitt, 1601 North Mariner Crossing, $75,000.

07/01/2022 Arch Stone Investments LLC to Brian Holzinger and Lori Holzinger, 2300 Harbor Bay, $499,551.

07/01/2022 Keth F Zimmerman and Wanda K Zimmerman to Jonathan Paul Amy and Patricia Gahris Amy 9Trustees), 1641 Waterford Crossing, $95,000.

07/01/2022 Hughes Property Management LLC to William A Neczypor and Jeanne H Neczypor, 2107 South Bayview Drive, $60,000.

07/01/2022 Hughes Property Management LLC to The Docks at Avalon Association Inc., 2111 South Bayview Drive, $54,000.


07/01/2022 Kyle M Recker to James T Starnes and Jennifer N Starnes, 4048 South Woodcliff Drive, $455,000.

Erie Township

06/27/2022 Richard V Alder and Suzanne T Alder to John E Jonscher and Ellen Jonscher Trustees of the Jonscher Trust, 1220 West Richey Road WS 93 RV71, $99,000.

06/27/2022 Richard V Alder and Suzanne T Alder to John E Jonscher and Ellen Jonscher Trustee of the Jonscher Trust, W S 91 & 92, $10,000.

06/30/2022 Niki Havens to John R Fellhauer and Victoria M Fellhauer, 5550 Railroad Street, $48,000.

Port Clinton Corp

06/27/2022 Estate of Gordon J Peters to Daniel j Fenton and April Schalk, 719 East State Street, $43,808.

06/28/2022 Beulah M Swartz and James R Swartz Trustees to Stanley J Cutcher Jr and Sharon Cutcher, 512 West 3rd Street, $100,000.

06/30/2022 Charles I Kleinhans to Kathleen Knight, 115 Lincoln Drive, $150,000.

06/30/2022 Cheryl M Hoffman to Haley Halstead and Stanley Halstead, 202 East Fifth Street, $126,000.

06/30/2022 IMOK Properties LLC to Alexander Carey Boger, 420 Fulton, $179,900.

07/01/2022 David C Hatcher and Deva Clare Hatcher to Amber A Green 9Trustee), 911 Taft Street, $259,900.

Portage Township

07/01/2022 Robert J Speck to Bruce C Sherman and Kathrynn Anne Sherman, 750 Southeast Catawba Road Unit #6, $90,000.

07/01/2022 David Rudiger (Trustee) to Four Catawba Dogs LLC, 780 Southeast Catawba Road Unit #44, $87,500.

07/01/2022 David Rudiger 9trustee) to Four Catawba Dogs LLC, 780 Southeast Catawba Road, Unit # 43, $87,500.

North Bass

06/29/2022 Brent Weaver to Chad Simpson, 15 Peeple Road, $15,000.

Middle Bass

06/29/2022 Jane P Wolnik to Gregory Rossi and Amy Rossi, 0 Sea Breeze, $43,000.

Salem Township

06/30/2022 Dennis Epke (Trustee) and Denise Schifferly (Trustee) to Richard C Lenke and Sandra J Lenke, 0 South Muddy Creek North, $220,000.

06/30/2022 Robert G Wilson to James E Roberts and Judith A Roberts, 1326 South Grandview Ave, $18,900.

07/01/2022 Tamara C Myers to William F Steindam, 0 Salem Carroll Erie Road, $5,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

06/27/2022 Sharon L Steindam, Marilyn Palmer Steindam, and William F Steindam to Christopher A Trolio, 332 West Ottawa Street, $129,900.

06/27/2022 Rex A Willoughby Sr. Successor Trustee to Matthew Dunsmore and Kristiana M Dunsmore, 324 West Main Street, $102,000.

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