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Benton Township

02/15/2022 Roger R Goetz- Trustee of The Roger R Goetz Revocable Living Trust to Richard D Audiano and Amber K Audiano, 0 West Duff Washa, $50,000.

Bay Township

02/16/2022 Robert Kaspar and Bonnie Kaspar to Roger W Lewis and Rhonda J Lewis, 5690 West Little Portage Road, $77,435.

Clay Township

2/15/2022 Toni Smith to Kimberly Bossetti and Joseph G Miller, 1017 East State Street, $60,000.

Harris Township

2/18/2022 Portage River Farms LLC to Galen G Koepke, 14028 South State Route 105, $175,000.

Catawba Township

02/15/2022 Davenport Real Estate Development Ltd to Richard M Myers and Regina R Myers, 601 North Harbor Point, $150,000.

2/16/2022 Mary Alice Schaffner and John R Schaffner (Trustees) to Robert J Pudelski and Kathryn L Pudelski, 4597 East Island Pines, $350,000.

2/17/2022 Terrance C Basch (Trustee) to Robert Berman, 0 North Windward Unit W-25, $25,000.

2/17/2022 Estate of Charles M Schmidt to Louis Sedlak, 1763 Northeast Catawba Road #217, $165,400.

2/18/2022 Neal S Edgar and Susan G Edgar to Gregory Floyd and Susan Kay Gibson, 631 North Harbor Point Drive, $539,000.

Danbury Township

02/14/2022 Sharon Rose Kobak to Donald L Shaffer and Rebecca A Shaffer, 1030 south Deer Run, $80,000.

2/16/2022 David R Ehlert and Olivia L Ehlert to Tammy Hunger and Joel Hunger, 2070 South Bristol Drive, $85,000.

2/16/2022 Danbury Land Inc. to William Michael Roth Jr, 0 Port Clinton Eastern Road (23.333 acres), $200,000.

2/17/2022 Michael D Griffin to Knotty Mary’s Building Co LLC, 9252 East Bayshore Road, $200,000.

2/18/2022 Matthew O Kovach and Amanda O Kovach to Charles O Drerup (½ interest) Trustee of Charles O Dreup Trust and Christy J Drerup (½ interest) trustee of Christy J Drerup Trust, 8773 Northshore Boulevard, $345,000.


02/14/2022 Kathy Lynn Nagy (Trustee) to Robert Ross and Cynthia Ross, 3765 East Baycliff Drive, $115,000.

02/15/2022 Thomas Gdovicak to William K Klaehn and Margaret A Klaehn, 0 Prairie (0.3acres), $162,500.

02/16/2022 John L Alt and Denise D Alt to Eugene R Milchak Jr and Jonelle M Milchak, 140 Cottage Cove, $43,500.

Port Clinton Corp

2/15/2022 John W Flegal and Shelbie Flegal to Central Peaks Investments LLC, 132 Walnut Street, $85,010.

2/17/2022 Torrent Capital LLC to Gray Harbor Holdings LLC, 402 Lincoln, $165,000.

2/18/2022 Kathy L Livas to Marcus Walter Storch. 145 Cedar Street, $120,000.

Portage Township

2/15/2022 Kimberly S Ludu to Gregory E Munoz andBrittany M Taylor, 1016 Ottawa Street, $120,000.

2/15/2022 Christiansen Investments LLC to Thomas W Hines and Christina L Hines, 1990 East Lockwood Road, $41,000.

2/17/2022 Kenneth L Wilkins to Andrea N Hayes, 1585 Hickory Grove, $99,000.

Put In Bay Village School

02/17/2022 Mark R Pillon and Jeanne Pillon to Elmore Holdings LLC, 239 Detroit Avenue, $150,000.

02/18/2022 Rodney Karr and Diana Karr to Michael S Hartman- Trustee (1/2 interest) and Tabitha A Hartman- Trustee (1/2 interest), 719 Langram Road, $290,000.

Salem Township

02/15/2022 Linda McCrery (Trustee) to Michael R Harder, 0 Four Mile House Road (1.079 acres), $2,000.

2/18/2022 Christine N Zimmerman-Hall, Lisa Miller, and Jennifer Zeitzheim to James S Zeitzheim and Jennifer L Zeitzheim, 12021 West Portage River South Road, $265,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

2/17/2022 Richard F Swope to Snyder Apartments and Properties LTD, 112 West Washington Street, $77,000.

2/18/2022 Karl Fleming and Sarah Percival to Kyle M Johnson, 430 North Benton Street, $165,000.

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