Real Estate Transfers 8-10-23

Aug 9, 2023 | Real Estate Transfers | 2 comments

Allen Township

08/03/2023 Bonnie J Krum to Matthew J Schlueter and Rachel L Schlueter, 20962 West Toledo Street, $166,000.

Benton Township

08/03/2023 Mary L Getz (Trustee) to Kevin M Fox- Trustee of Kevin M Fox Revocable Trust dated April 14, 2011 and Kathy S Fox-Trustee of the Kathy Fox Revocable Trust dated April 14, 2011, 0 North Graytown Road (39.481 acres), $368,600.

Bay Township

08/04/2023 Becki L Siefke to Six River Leasing LLC, 5740 West Little Portage, $15,000.

Carroll Township

08/01/2023 Michael C Moffitt and Georgia K Moffitt to Jamen Brown-Hutchins and Lisa Brown, 6788 Marguerite Ave, $90,000.

08/03/2023 Sharon Lynn Johnson to Grey J McBride and Jennifer L McBride, 6479 N Harris Harbor, $115,000.

08/04/2023 Kimberly Limes to Jonathan Isaacs and Kelly Isaacs, 8906 Canada Goose Court, $195,000.

Clay Township

08/01/2023 Caroline L Battista to Shane A. Clark, 21925 State Route 51 W, $100.

Genoa Corp

07/31/2023 James C & Jamie M Wirick to Juan M & Danielle K Gomez, 209 West 9th Street, $229,000.

08/01/2023 Sharon A Bitner to Lisa Jean Potridge, 106 E 4th Street, $82,500.

Catawba Township

08/01/2023 Ronald F and Patricia A Solinski to John T Ayers and Denise O Ayers, 848 N Falling Waters Blvd,$450,000.

08/01/2023 Anthony M and Kathleen Jachnycky, 2820 C Canterbury Cir, $489,999.

08/01/2023 George W & Sharon L Wight to Elliot Dean Fisher, 0 Muncey Ave & Carlson Drive, $375,000.

08/02/2023 Mechanics Bank and Kathleen Fanello Trust to Jeffrey J German and Susan J German, $240,000.

0803/2023 Catawba Bay Building LLC to James Weaver & Kristin McAndrew, 820 Lost Lake, $270,450.

08/04/2023 Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO P&M Retirement Plan, 401K Mark Mathy’s TTEE to Michael J and Karen M Kaufman, 2651 Chateau,$825,000.

Danbury Township

07/31/2023 Mitchell C Parr and Benjamin H Parr to Christine Marie Vickie Kyrkos and Franz Peter Milli, 2124 North Nan Avenue & 0 Nan Avenue, $699,900.

08/01/2023 Donna K. Leseman to Mitchell L and Carolyn Foster, 2355 Split Rock Dr. $549,000.

08/02/2023 Bay View Villas LLC to Kathleen A Piskura, 2778 South Waterside Court, $649,900.

Erie Township

08/01/2023 Renee Ann Coyle to Chet’s Place Inc., 0 State Route 163 (8.248 acres), $40,000.

Middle Bass

08/01/2023 George Schultz to Michael and Shelley Provenza, 679 Lake Road, $185,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

08/01/2023 Roger E Carpenter to James W & Sherry K Priesman, 236 W Water St.,$100,000.

08/01/2023 Roger E Carpenter to James W & Sherry Priesman, 218 W Water St, $90,000.

Port Clinton

08/01/2023 Build Wealth LLC to Patrick Semancik-Trustees of the PS Family Trust dated 9/16/2015, 501 West Lakeshore Drive Unit B$, $270,000.

08/03/2023 Kenneth L Smith to Island House Hotel & Suites LLC, 102 Madison Street Unit H-139, $65,000.

08/03/2023 Kathleen S Howard (Trustee) to Ronald P and Tina M Gresak, 503 Lakeshore Drive, $310,000.

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  1. Susan German

    Your information on the transfer of 5631 Hawk is incorrect. This was transferred to Jeffrey J German and SUSAN J German from Mechanics Bank and Kathleen Fanello Trust

    • The Beacon

      Susan, thanks for making us aware of that. We’ve updated the listing.


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