Real Estate Transfers 8-25-22

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Allen Township

08/15/2022 Derek R Belkofer to Marcus James Feckley and Kristen Kay Feckley, 24853 West Reservation Line Road, $265,000.

Benton Township

08/16/2022 Malachi Thomas Kennedy and Casuelo Kennedy to Matt Gillespie, 13429 West Toussaint North Road, $255,000.

08/16/2022 Rodney D Tebay to Gage B and Nicole M Forman, 13620 West Velliquette Road, $375,000.

Carroll Township

08/16/2022 Richard W Cover and Dorothy L cover to Megan Riley, 4625 Skipper Road, $221,500.

Clay Township

08/15/2022 Peggy Diane Goulden to Tiffany Eschedor, 2923 North Downing, $215,500.

Genoa Corp

08/19/2022 William Hameister to Angelo Garcia, 406 Superior Street, $40,000.

Harris Township

08/19/2022 Edward J Gahler and Jane K Price-Gahler (½ interest) and Daniel L and Constance Gahler (½ interest) to Gahler Grain Farms LLC, 0 Stange Road, $104,000.

Elmore Corporation

08/18/2022 Larry L Ocheske to John Valerius, 354 Ottawa Street, $59,900.

08/19/2022 Katrina A Carter to Malissa Evans, 416 Clinton Street, $70,000.

Catawba Township

08/15/2022 Jerome Pecko and Rebecca Susan Pecko(Trustees) to Ronald W Patterson and Patricia A Patterson, 4333 Marin Woods, $371,000.

08/15/2022 Clifford F Biddulph to Patrick J Bunch and Margaret M Bunch, 1067 North Byrneal Drive, $200,000.

08/15/2022 Bob’s Builders Quality Construction Homes LLC to JoAnn Montgomery and Marvin Montgomery, 1237 North Catawba Bay Drive & 731 North Lost Lake, $149,000.

08/15/2022 Nancy E Kahler to Optimus Development LLC, 2875 North Canterbury Circle # 10-B, $359,900.

08/15/2022 Michelle A Bianchi to Big Stump Properties LLC, 5623 East Eagle Drive, $330,000.

08/16/2022 Matthew T Fought- Successor Trust of Joan E Fought Trust and Thomas E Fought Trust to Jennifer Lynn Schroeder and John Jay Schroeder-Trustees of the J & J Trust, 1770 North Lakewood Avenue, $455,000.

08/19/2022 Beverly Severns to Dylan Terry and Morgan Terry. 2732 Sand Road, $130,000.

Danbury Township

08/15/2022 Debra A Dewey to Emil C Mechel and Katrina M Mechel, 2100 Napama Drive, $285,000.

08/15/2022 Debra A Dewey to Emil C Mechel and Katrina M Mechel, 2109 Napama Drive, $1.00.

08/15/2022 timothy Newton Taylor aka timothy N Taylor to 370 North Erie Beach Road Enterprize LLC, 370 North Erie Beach Road, $217,500.

08/1/2022 Patricia A Stakes to Dennis Lowther, 327 North Florence Drive, $90,000.

08/18/2022 Estate of Jamie Worley to MSW Enterprises LLC, 5831 East Harbor Road, $90,000.

08/19/2022 Debbie Greive and Cliff Greive to Elissa Shockley, 114 Third, $50,000.


08/15/2022 Terry J Malish and Cecile L Malish to Kristin Marie Greger and Gary Michael Greger (Trustees0, Garage Stall #40 Pointe Falls, $10,000.

08/15/2022 George H Hiltbrunner and Barbara A Hiltbrunner to Leslie A Krasniewski, 5730 Windjamer, $80,000.

08/15/2022 Bay Point Acquistion LLC to John t Murphy, 10948 Bayshore Road, $750,000.

08/19/2022 C. Joe Morgan and Carol L Morgan Trustees to Juliene Rene and Edward John Haskins, 1305 East Fourth Street, $508,000.

08/19/2022 Steven Richard Reissig Trustee to Danbury Properties LLC, 1003 Lake Street, $425,000.

08/19/2022 Terry J Malish and Cecile L Malish to Christopher Woznicki and Marcia Woznicki, 10654 East Bayshore Road Building 18 #9, $449,000.

Erie Township

08/17/2022 Gary Jones, Cynthia Kraft and Elsie E Jones to Jayson J Miller, 4021 West Balduf Road, $89,000.

08/18/2022 Adam M Kupec and Erin C Kupec to Christopher R Robuck and Lori K Robuck, 33 North Schooner Point Drive, $276,000.

08/19/2022 The Estate of Loyola Helle to Phillip M Alexander and Maria Montes Garcia, 4001 West Harbor Road, $171,000.

08/19/2022 Eric Grover to Erika Budaj, 4001 West Harbor Road, $109,000.

Port Clinton Corp

08/16/2022 MOD Development LLC to Justin Johnstown and Jill Johnstown, 801 East 3rd Street, $150,000.

08/16/2022 Phoebe L Billman to David Boger and Kristi M Boger, 626 Perry Street, $330,000.

08/18/2022 Steven M and Joanne C Arndt to Three Hits and a Miss LLC, 374 Clinton Reef Drive, $175,000.

08/18/2022 Cory C Erwin to Frank Mikes III, 329 Hoover, $45,000.

08/18/2022 Ned and grace Boggs to Joanne C and Steven M Arndt, 711 West Lakeshore #409, $210,000.

Portage Township

08/18/2022 Lindi L Finke and Vicki L Brough-Trustee of Raymond B Brough and Vicki L Brough Trust to Frank S Bell and Susan E Bell, 2341 East Sand Road, $275,000.

08/18/2022 John H Brabander and Susan E Brabander to Carl C Linn, 3720 East Aqua Aire Unit #32, $42,000.

Put In Bay Township-School

08/18/2022 Lorrene M Zygmunt and Arthur S Zygmunt to Gabriel Skunza, 0 Dahlgreen, $22,000.

Put In Bay Corp

08/18/2022 Jason Barber to Christopher and Tiffany Rowlands, 551 Langram Road Unit # 1-14, $193,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

08/15/2022 Portage River Lodge LLC to Rocky J Mills Properties LLC, 139 West Water Street, $40,000.

08/18/2022 Stephanie R Priddy to Anthony G and Jaime M Roberts, 419 West Walnut Street, $50,000.

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