Real Estate Transfers 8-26-21

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Allen Township

08/19/2021 The Akermans LLC to Emily E Haddad, 22431 Mill Street, $124,000.

Benton Township

08/18/2021 Kevin M Fox and Kathy S Fox ( Trustees) to Brett S Kneeskern and Samantha G Kneeskern, 1690 North Stange Road, $343,000.

Rocky Ridge

08/20/2021 Renee L Williamson FKA Renee L Goldstein to Dustin Haar, 930 North Cutler, $115,000.

Carroll Township

08/20/2021 Kricket A Mulligan to Michael A Holbrook, 1430 North State Route 19, $190,000.

08/20/2021 Jenae Whitmore and Michael A Johnson to Jennifer L Kaiser and William D Denslow, 0 Hay lot 193 Locust Point, $10,000.

Elmore Corp

08/20/2021 Diane S Krumnow to Alexander M and Kimberly N Fertig, 317 Toledo Street, $243,000.

08/20/2021 Alexander M and Kimberly N Fertig to Joseph J Sehein, 547 Ames Street, $134,500.

Harris Township

08/18/2021 Angela D Abt to Joshua Wolf and Jane Wolf, 0 Smith Road, $11,666.67.

08/18/2021 Krista L Culbertson to Joshua Wolf and Jane Wolf, 0 Smith Road, $ 11,666.67.

08/18/2021 Jon C Weidner to Joshua Wolf and Jane Wolf, 0 Smith Road, $11,666.66.

08/20/2021 Peter Ogonek and Alice T Ogonek to Dustin T Hunt and Deborah Remolleno, 2849 South Walnut Hill Drive, $170,000.

Catawba Township

08/16/2021 Stacey L Taylor and Carol A Savage (Trustee of the Carol A Savage Trust), 1526 Northwest Catawba, $200,000.

08/17/2021 Catawba Boat Yard Ventures LLC to Douglas E Kearns and Kimberly A Kearns, 3126 Northeast Catawba Road Unit A-4, $148,650.

08/17/2021 Catawba Boat Yard Ventures LLC to Frederick M Lentz and Patricia A Lentz ( Co-Trustees), 3126 Northeast Catawba Road Unit A-2, $146,800.

08/18/2021 Tracy L Westerfield to Wendy J Chambers and Terry L Chambers, 180 North Crest Drive, $302,000.

08/19/2021 Davenport Real Estate Development LLC to Ronald F Solinski and Patricia A Solinski, 848 North Falling Waters Boulevard, $359,000.

08/19/2021 William Vandergiessen Real estate LLC to Julie a Doncyson and Todd J Doncyson, 5423 Walls Channel Drive, $594,665.

08/19/2021 Susan F Sanders to James C Baich and Kimberly A Baich, 3152 North Marina View Drive, $750,000.

08/20/2021 David J Williams and Deborah E Williams to Drew J DeConcini and Patricia M DeConcini, 1061 Byrneal, $350,000.

08/20/2021 Catawba Boat Yard Ventures LLC to Hollis W Merrick III and Mary Smith Merrick, 3126 Northeast Catawba Road Unit A-1, $142,800.

Danbury Township

08/16/2021 Carolyn S Becker to Scott R Mohler and Rebecca L Mohler, 323 Jasmine Avenue, $400,000.

08/17/2021 Safe Harbor Development Ltd., to Donna Lisa Kidd (Trustee of the Lisa Kidd Trust U/D/T dtd June 12, 2017, 5686 State Route 163 Unit # E-12, $88,250.

08/17/2021 Safe Harbor Development Ltd to David B Mischler and Heather J Mischler, 5686 State Route 163 Unit # E-11, $90,200.

08/18/2021 Safe Harbor Development Ltd., to Michael F Greene and Cheryl Greene (Trustees), 5686 State Route 163 Unit # E-10, $116,500.

08/19/2021 Estate of Charles S Brooks to R Joseph Creeden, 543 North John Street, $199,000.

08/20/2021 Wayne E Warden and Susan R Warden (Trustee) to Jonathan D Dargusch and Mariann T Dargusch, 402 East Second Street, $800,000.

08/20/2021 Thomas h Peterson and Judith M Peterson to Carmen C Kestranek and Aimee N Kestranek, 8200 East Lake Boulevard, $536,500.


08/19/2021 Kathrod Investments LLC to Gregory J Smith and Lori A Smith, 810 East Main Unit B, $440,000.

08/20/2021 Bok Property Management LLC to Megan L Kuhlenschmidt and Alan C Kuhlenschmidt Jr, 10556 East Bayshore Road Unit # 5-A , $200,000.

Erie Township

08/16/2021 Lori A Viars (Trustee) to Douglas Erwin and Shirley Erwin, 1220 West Richey Road (WS 67 7 RV Site 45), $59,995.

08/16/2021 Joshua M Walters and Michelle A Walters, 1220 West Richey Road (WS 72 & RV Site 43 Vacation Land), $25,000.

08/16/2021 Ryan S Everage to Noah S DeAnda, 38 North Ontario Road, $102,000.

Port Clinton Corp

08/16/2021 Martin Scott and M Theresa DeRose to Steven J Dearth and Nehna Dearth, 807 Grant Street, $250,000.

08/19/2021 Debbie Conte to Marty Folger, 310 Walnut Street, $120,100.

Put In Bay Corp

08/20/2021 PIB Island Company LLC to Veronica A Milnark Living Trust dated August 23, 2006, 0 Langram, $125,000.

Salem Township

08/19/2021 Michelle M Borowski to William Peters and Jessica Peters, 702 North State Route 19, $45,100.

08/20/2021 Isiah Denmeade and Dyan Denmeade to Kimberly J Ontko, 370 South Toussaint Portage Road, $205,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

08/20/2021 Brenda L Sleek fna Brenda L Bach and James W DeWitt to Lonnie H Cook and Sharon I Cook, 11544 West State Route 163, $165,000.

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