Real Estate Transfers 9-15-22

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Allen Township

09/09/2022 Charles Pressley-guardian for Mildred D Austin to David M Stirbmy, 3857 North Opfer Lentz Road, $80,000.

Bay Township

09/09/2022 Skyler E Gist to Bisnette Farm LLC, 0 South Paulsen Road, $70,000.

09/09/2022 Skyler E Gist to Mad Cow Enterprises LLC, 3642 South Paulsen Road, $50,000.

Genoa Corp

09/09/2022 Estate of Nancy J Wasserman to Kay M Wilbur, 411 7th Street, $135,000.

Harris Township

09/07/2022 William Sebring and Sherry L Sebring to Jacob D and Ashley M Stevenson, 15995 Portage River South Road, $189,900.

Elmore Corporation

09/06/2022 Louis A Fuselier Jr. to Charles Dickerson and Malinda Dickerson, 406 Toledo Street, $165,000.

09/06/2022 Michael L DeStazio and Connie S DeStazio, 724 Aspen Avenue, $310,000.

Catawba Township

09/06/2022 Tori Kwiatkowski (Successor Trustee) to William Weisberg, 4567 East Cliff Road, $1,900.

09/07/2022 Catawba Boat Yard Ventures LLC to Christopher J Hyland and Michelle M Hyland, 2126 Northeast Catawba Road Unit B-2, $168,300.

09/07/2022 Catawba Boat Yard Ventures LLC to Christopher J Hyland and Michelle m Hyland, 2126 Northeast Catawba Road Unit B-4 & B-6, $242,300.

09/07/2022 Catawba Boat Yard Ventures LLC to Richard J Matts and Noreen M Matts, 3126 Northeast Catawba Road Unit B-7, $157,600.

09/09/2022 Ronald L Woods and Vicky L Woods to Greg S Roberts and Christina S Roberts, 2942 North Chickadee Drive, $145,000.

09/09/2022 Harbor’s Edge Development II Ltd to Taylor T Mathews, 4882 Westwinds Drive, $690,735.

Danbury Township

09/09/2022 Bay View Villas LLC to Dennis Medica and Susan Steinbrick, 2660 South Harbor Bay Drive, $39,900.


09/06/2022 Kathy R Hirzel –Executive of the Estate of Ernest R Hirzel to Ted R Fowles and Corey A Fowles, 0 Confederate, $375,000.

Erie Township

09/06/2022 Pamela S and Trent D Goodwin to Louis A and Heidi M Lia, 209 North Lakefront Drive, $200,000.

09/07/2022 Sue E Lindsley to Stephen M Buergey and Denise M Buergey, 6896 West Harbor Road, $280,000.

Port Clinton Corp

09/06/2022 Robert J and Rose M Wagner to Jacqueline McVay, 236 West Lakeshore Drive F, $220,000.

09/08/2022 Kenneth W Auvil and Nicole M Auvil to Adam Picou, 750 Kasper Street, $267,500.

09/09/2022 Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Wenmin W Zhang IRA to Anthony and Mary Allen, 501 Lakeshore Drive B6, $279,000.

09/09/2022 James E Hembree and Darlene Cook to Acerly LLC, 0 Hoover, $4,000.

09/09/2022 Anthony and Mary Allen to John and Carrie Kramer and Ronald and Melissa Kramer, 501 West Lakeshore Drive B3, $244,900.

09/09/2022 Daniel G Mallory and Wayne M Mallory Sr. to Carol Sue Ladwig, 824 Monroe Street, $146,000.

Put In Bay Township- School

09/08/2022 Jonathan M Herak to Matthew Donald Eck and Kara Leigh Eck, 1496 Windward, $245,000.

Put In Bay Township

09/07/2022 Niese Brothers Association LLC to RJN Holdings LLC, 198 Delaware Avenue, $2,400,000.

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