Real Estate Transfers 9-16-21

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Allen Township

09/08/2021 Mark D Sommer to Kelly Wolff and Kurt Wolff, 4389 North Opfer-Lentz Road, $316,500.

09/09/2021 Shirley A Loofborow to Kim L McClung, 22571 West Front Street, $112,000.

Bay Township

09/09/2021 Lawrence V Weiss to Penny Warren, 4972 Sate Route 53, $101,500.

09/10/2021 Elaine E Heise to Renee A Livas and Santos E Livas, 1107 West Fremont road, $120,000.

09/10/2021 Evelyn Lepard , George C Wilber, and Mary I Gill to K Squared Holdings LLC, 2850 West Cleveland Road, $165,000.

Elmore Corp

09/08/2021 Anita A Miller (trustee or her successor) to Aaron M Mier and Michael B Mier, 72 Fairway Drive, $242,000.

Catawba Township

09/08/2021 Ingrid M Werner to Victor Brandon Thompson, 4431 East Linda Drive, $273,900.

09/08/2021 John F Just and Rosetta M Just to Benard A Bottini and Robin L Bottini, 1601 Anchor Ave, $292,500.

09/08/2021 Thomas G Padanilam and Denise A Pandanilam (Trustees) to 4107 N.E. Catawba LLC, 4107 Northeast Catawba Road, $1,180,000.

09/09/2021 William Vandergiessen Real Estate LLC to Audra J Avarello, 5405 Walls Channel, $550,000.

09/10/2021 Bob’s Builders Quality Construction Homes LLC to Joseph M Lung and Debora Lung, 1191 North Catawba Bay, $52,000.

09/10/2021 Marblewood Homes Inc. to Scot T Corbin, 4200 E McKenna Lane, $478,072.05

09/10/2021 Ohio Living Communities to Joan M Enterline, 3777 East Vineyard Village, $202,000.

09/10/2021 HJC Land Company LLC to Paula R Chesser, 3306 North Stonehouse Drive, $490,000.

Danbury Township

09/09/2021 Donna M Consolo htla Donna M Vega to Daniel A Grassa, 2065 South Harbor Bay, $46,000.

09/09/2021 Robert G Carroll Jr to Phillip H Wolf (Trustee), lot A-13 sub A Gravel Bar Dock, $22,000.

09/10/2021 Diane McCumber to Todd Efkeman and Corinna Efkeman, 507 North Hillcrest Drive, $400,000.


09/08/2021 Daniel P Kus and Kimberly A Call to Ronald T Carrocce, 421 Main Street, $510,000.

Port Clinton Corp

09/08/2021 Charles Biggert Jr to James Blakely and Karen Blakely, 706 Taft Street, $192,000.

09/09/2021 Greg Vavrek and Sally Newman-Vavrek to Altric Holdings LLC, 727 Madison Street, $90,000.

Portage Township

09/07/2021 Douglas B Millinger Jr to Jeruth LLC, 1982 South Fulton Street, $240,000.

Put In Bay Corp

09/10/2021 Man-Ball Holding LLC to Jason Barber, 551 Langram Road Unit 1-14, $194,000.

Salem Township

09/10/2021 Robert McLamb and Jennifer McLamb to Jordan Lee Fleenor and Janae S Kemp, 3668 Woodrick Road, $247,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

09/09/2021 Corey Mesker to Robert Michael Holdings LLC, 367 East Water Street, $15,000.

Bayside Comfort


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