Real Estate Transfers 9-29-22

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Allen Township

9/22/2022 Charles A and Jennifer M Luce to Eric M Melssen and Jennifer A Clark, 6401 Martin Williston Road, $27,900.

Rocky Ridge

09/20/2022 Byron Cook and Hollie Cook to Norman Cook and Sheila A Cook, 14581 West 2nd Street, $120,000.

Bay Township

09/19/2022 U.S Bank National Association to Robert Kinsey and Joel Boling, 1200 West Fremont Road, $74,250.

Clay Township

09/20/2022 Trent W Rothert and Julie S Rothert to Benjamin D Dresser and Adalynn Kate Dresser, 19570 West Fulkert Road, $220,000.

09/20/2022 Carol L Barber (Trustee) to Christine A Vail and Rick A Vail, 20251 West Camper Road, $401,500.

Catawba Township

09/19/2022 The Estate of Christopher H Ischay III to Jennifer L McBride, 5351 East Bay Pointe Circle, $230,000.

09/19/2022 Beth A Wendell and Michael Swetel to Bradford D and Beverly J Bucher, 1675 North Windward Unit # D, $345,000.

09/19/2022 George T Triana and Deborah L Triana to Jobe L Westerfelt and Debra K Westerfelt, 2685-B North Canterbury Circle, $449,900.

09/23/2022 Raul Martinez Trustee of the Raul Martinez Trust to 5572 North Fairway LLC, 572 North Fairway, $615,000.

Danbury Township

09/19/2022 Safe Harbor Development Ltd to Steve Frey, 5686 State Route 163 Unit#E-25 & E-25-1, $236,850.

09/20/2022 Bay View Villas to Brian and Jennifer Slife, 0 South Waterside Court Unit MS47, $59,900.

09/21/2022 Gregory S Bognar and Holly H Bognar (Trustee) to Kenneth J Shvorob & Ellen B Shvorob, 2147 South Harbor Bay Drive, $125,000.

09/21/2022 Bay View Villas LLC to Thomas k Richardson and Kathy M Richardson, 0 South Waterside Court MS#39, $49,900.

09/21/2022 Joseph S Papzian to William A Rodwancy, Shirley A Starry and Rachel e Rodwancy, 1815 Danielle Drive, $269,000.

09/21/2022 James P Koeing to Raymond G and Janice J Herzberger, 562 upland Road, $540,000.

09/22/2022 Colleen M Goodfellow (Trustee) to Travis L Snow, 2021 North Robert Drive, $360,000.

09/22/2022 Karen S Appleman to Anthony F Brown and Tricia M Brown, 1433 Englebeck Road, $152,000.

09/22/2022 Nancy J Bossart to Bradley and Sarah Royalty, 828 Third, $815,000.

09/23/2022 Takedown Investments LLC to Be Happy LLC, 8232 East Harbor Road, $1,340,000.

09/23/2022 WKM Holding Company LLC to Scott E and Cynthia M Street, 8358 Gravel Bar, $130,000.

Erie Township

90/20/2022 Cynthia A Obergefell and David R Obergefell(trustees) to Wake Addiction LLC, 3480 West Lakeshore, $50,000.

Port Clinton Corp

09/19/2022 Ralph O’Schroeder to William A Rodwancy, 126 South Madison Street, $89,000.

09/19/2022 Nathan Rodesiler and Kendall Rodesiler to Virginia L Jensen and Steven M Jensen (Trustees of the Jensen Family Trust), 1301 East 2nd Street, $292,000.

09/23/2022 Richard B Leahy and Rebecca A Leahy Co-Trustees to Jeffrey and Jacqueline Canter, 10023 Jamestown Drive, $230,000.

Put In Bay Township- School

9/20/2022 ETC Custodian fbo Paul Jeris IRA aka IRA Account#200221301 to ETC Custodian fbo Antonio Burgoa Act #200551454 (5%), 170 Sandcastle, $10,000.

09/21/2022 Gabriel Skunz to Lorrene M Zygmunt and Arthur S Zygmunt, 0 Dahlgren Lot# 181,182,&183, $22,000.

09/23/2022 Richard A and Kathy M Loroff to Jerrold l Federer Jr and Stephanie M Moyer Federer, 1546 Jeris Lane, $455,000.

Oak Harbor Corp

09/19/2022 September Lynn Reau (Trustee) to Rodney D Tebay, 400 Burdine Drive, $140,000.

09/22/2022 IMOK Properties LLC to Paul Bergman, 165 Portage Street, $126,000.

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