Real Estate Transfers 9-8-22

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Allen Township

08/30/2022 David Krebs and Kimberly Krebs to William D Tucker and Elaine M tucker, 22152 West Red Clover Lane, $450,000.

09/01/2022 Carol J Mettie (Trustee) to Juliann E Reineke and Ross M Wheatley, 6100 North Opfer-Lentz Road, $375,262.

Benton Township

08/31/2022 Ferdinand J Miller to Derek W and Shannon N Epling, 588 North Stange Road, $130,000.

Bay Township

08/31/2022 Scott A Albrecht to Bruce A Petersen, 0 Oak Harbor Southeast Road, $20,000.

09/02/2022 Helene M Zielinski to David and Mary Buehler, 622 South Toledo Street, $405,000.

Carroll Township

08/30/2022 Sean G Moore to Anthony L Hatmaker, 7240 Rankie Road, $387,500.

Clay Township

09/01/2022 Estate of Kevin P McComas to Ryan P and Bauman and Kristie Bauman, 0 Hellwig road, $27,000.

Genoa Corp

08/30/2022 Estate of Ellen E Bergman to Henry W Bergman III and Amanda Bergman, 217 11th Street, $325,000.

09/01/2022 Jeffrey J Knott and Jennifer K Knott to Jenna L Heinz and Todd K Frasure, 601 6th Street, $290,000.

Elmore Corporation

08/30/2022 David B Smith and Jamie V Smith to Rodolfo Alarcon-Gutierrez and Iveth Alarcon, 451 Toledo Street, $235,000.

Catawba Township

08/29/2022 James Edward Koch Trustee to John and Ann Mangas, 2850 Canterbury Circle #9-C, $379,900.

08/30/2022 Jeffrey and Mary Ellen Wiggenhorn to Brittany Rosenthal, 1759 North Windward Drive, $333,000.

08/31/2022 Drew J and Patricia M DeConcini to Timothy Jenkins, 1061 North Byrneal Drive, $375,000.

08/31/2022 Catawba Boat Yard Ventures LLC to David Rudiger-Trustee of David Rudiger Living Trust, 3126 Northeast Catawba Road Unit B-8, $153,400.

08/31/2022 James Edward Dawson and Ruth Jean Dawson to Douglas S and Mary Kay Keith, 2690-B North Canterbury Circle 29-B, $415,000.

09/01/2022 Jeffrey R Sawicki and Laura J Sawicki to Jeffrey A Schneck and Patricia L Schneck, 2596 Sun Valley #103, $168,000.

09/02/2022 Catawba Boat Yard Ventures LLC to Gerald M Woodley, 3126 Northeast Catawba Road Unit #4-F, $65,000.

09/02/2022 Marblewood Homes Inc. to David Buddenhagen and Melissa Buddenhagen, $394,476.

09/02/2022 Harbor’s edge Development II Ltd to James P.F Dowling and Beverly C Dowling, 4857 Tradewinds Drive, $796,095.

09/02/2022 Linda Ruth Schaefer fka Linda Ruth Biszantz (Trustee) to Tonya L Riedel and Douglas W Riedel, 4673 East Muggy Road, $480,000.

Danbury Township

08/30/2022 William J Chapman and Crystal M chapman to Leigh-Ann Renea Radloff, 4934 Ronel Court, $185,000.

08/30/2022 Harold Glen Hyre and Paula J Hyre to Brandon Campbell and Samantha Campbell, 1510 North Buck Road Lot 2, $300,000.

08/31/2022 Vicky L Stevens to Dennis T O’Shea and Jennifer M O’Shea, 9518 East Bayshore Road, $150,000.

09/01/2022 John E Wyatt II and Tamara S Wyatt (Trustees) to Joseph W Sbrocco and Sandra L Sbrocco, 546 Gravel Bar Road, $950,000.

09/02/2022 James A Collins and Kelly A Collins to Adam R Twarek and Natalie f Twarek, 0 church Road, $80,000.

09/02/2022 Barbara J Johnston to Chester E Dietrick III and Cecelia M Dietrick, 124 North Woodwinds Way, $415,000.

09/02/2022 Louisville Title Agency N.W Ohio Inc. to Dino T and Erin Chenault DeRoia, 2328 South Harbor bay Drive, $149,900.

Erie Township

09/01/2022 BEC Holdings INC. to CMF Capital LLC and Reinhart TK Properties LLC, 6622 West Harbor Road, $325,000.

Port Clinton Corp

08/31/2022 DLE Acquisitions LLC to Sim Fund I REO LLC, 1009 East Third Street, $65,950.

08/31/2022 Ryan D Morter and Alyssa C Morter to Jason Lee Borgio, 428 Laurel Avenue, $205,000.

09/01/2022 Sue A Griffin to Matthew E Schlumbohm and Lisa M Schlumbohm, 741 Taft Street, $170,000.

Portage Township

08/31/2022 Port Clinton of Ohio LLC to Storage Condominiums Inc., 3720 East Clean Street, $275,000.

Put In Bay Township- School

09/01/2022 Paul Sanfilippo to Daniel D Harmeyer and Wendy S Harmeyer, 1484 Leeward Lane, $260,000.

Salem Township

08/29/2022 L Delight Cochran- Successor Trustee to Bay Area Services LLC, 8165 West Oak Harbor Southeast Road, $333,400.

08/30/2022 Estate of Doris M Paul to Marz Rickey and Ashley Rickey, 11590 West Salem Carroll Road, $145,000.

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