Renovations have students ready, raring to start school in Port Clinton

Aug 28, 2019 | Schools | 0 comments

Fourth grade students (left to right) Elliot Laird, Jovany Lopez, Dominic Spring and Alana Ayers line up for teacher Kerri Ziegler as they get getting ready for a building tour on the first day of school at Bataan Memorial Intermediate School in the Port Clinton School District.

Port Clinton School District officials reported a very successful start to the 2019-20 school year on Monday, along with the completion of several renovated projects at the High School. The PCHS projects include upgraded restrooms, attendance office, hallways and classrooms.

This completes a fifth consecutive year of renovations to Port Clinton High School, bringing it in line with the district’s other state of the art facilities. The school year began with a district wide program on district beliefs, behaviors, and outcomes that will continue throughout the year. The district beliefs are: Together; Relentless Pursuit of Growth and Own It. More information is available under Supt. Patrick Adkins message on the district website. For more information and pictures visit the Photo Album at or

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