Rides aboard the ‘Yankee Lady’ Bomber at Liberty Aviation

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The B-17 Bomber “Yankee Lady” will be flying over the Port Clinton area on Saturday, Sept. 9 and adventurous folks can be aboard for one of the flights.

Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton will be offering flights aboard World War II’s B-17 Bomber “Yankee Lady” on Saturday, Sept. 9, when it visits the museum adjacent to the Port Clinton Airport. Air Adventure flights is booking the unique outings for museum patrons and guests.

The flights are expected to sell out, so an advanced booking is highly recommended.

Yankee Lady is one of nearly 13,000 B-17 Bombers built for World War II, of which less than 40 survive. Yankee Lady is one of only nine that are still airworthy.

With so few B-17s being airworthy, it is rare to see one in flight, much less have the opportunity to be a passenger in one!

The powerhouse B-17 Bombers dropped more bombs than any other type of aircraft and was used primarily in Europe, though some were commissioned to the Pacific Theatre, as well. Roughly 4,700 were destroyed during the war. The remaining surviving aircraft were continued in use in civilian aviation roles around the world and were eventually retired, mothballed or destroyed.

Reservations for a seat on this historic aircraft can be made on-line at https://yankeeairmuseum.org/fly/  or by calling 734-252-6457. For more Information, please contact: James R. Priebe, Communications & Marketing Coordinator, Liberty Aviation Museum/Tin Goose Diner, 3515 East State Rd. Port Clinton, 419-732-0234 or 440-781-9618.

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