Root to Rise Wellness Cafe, Soul Stretch Cycle; Port Clinton’s new healthy way to start the day

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The menu at the Root to Rise Wellness Bar in Port Clinton is a long one, with drinks ranging from espresso and regular coffee to cold pressed juices, smoothies and boosts. From left to right are co-owner Melissa Franks, Wellness Warrior Delayna Laurel, Wellness Coach Sid Jordan, Wellness Expert Sydney Adkins and co-owner Rose Sabin.


Rose Sabin and Melissa Franks want you to be happy and healthy, and know they can put you in a positive state of mind after enjoying what the Root to Rise Wellness Cafe and Soul Stretch Cycle can provide at their new location at 80 N. Christy Chapel Rd. in Port Clinton.

Sabin, who also owns Soul Stretch Yoga next to Gideon Owen Wine Company on the Catawba Peninsula, is all about managing mind and body to put yourself in a happy place.

“At Spin Stretch Cycle we have 15 Spinner bicycles for our Spinner Classes,” said Sabin. “Just like yoga, you can go at your own pace and level, and have an instructor to guide you. We want you to be healthy and hydrated, and ready to enjoy the day.

Rose Sabin prepares to lead a Spinner Class at Soul Stretch Cycle in Port Clinton. Pedaling fast or slow, a spin in the spacious studio on a Spinner stationary bicycle is not a work out, but rather a work in, said Sabin. (Photos by D’Arcy Egan)

“A Spinner Class lasts about 45 minutes, and is a cardio dance party for the soul. It’s not just a workout, but rather a work in. The instructors will help with moves and motions. It’s a community tribe building experience.”

The classes feature the personalities and musical choices of different instructors, and the fitness levels can be adjusted for everyone. It’s not a cookie cutter program, emphasized Sabin. Every instructor is different and brings something unique to the session.

Before or after a session, Franks has the Root to Rise Wellness Cafe ready to quench a thirst, add a bit of caffeine to your system, or provide healthy cold pressed juices, smoothies or boosts to fuel your well-being.

“People want to be healthier and live better, and to do that we offer better choices for them” said Franks. “We incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diet, and have them experience wellness as a group.

“We are grounded in the nourishment movement, and having people do it together is so much more fun. Our menu is very unique, and so very healthy.”

The Palm Tree smoothie, for example, combines spinach, kale, avocado, pineapple, mango, MCT oil, agave, coconut water and coconut milk. A local favorite is the Catawba Sunrise, a combination of vanilla protein powder, mango, banana, turmeric, cinnamon and coconut milk.

The best option is to order a smoothie, then head for a Spinner Class session,” said Franks. “We’ll have your smoothie waiting for you when the class is over.”

Some come just for the full-powered espresso or a cup of regular coffee, said Sabin. Others appreciate a cold smoothie and salad before work. Or a grain bowl for lunch, rather than a fast food hamburger.

“We’re not vegans or vegetarians,” said Sabin. “We just love good food that’s good for our bodies. Having a grain bowl once or twice a week helps provide better numbers when it comes to diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, or with insomnia.”

The Root to Rise Wellness Cafe was named after a yoga term, “root down to rise up,” said Sabin. “When this beautiful space opened up on Christy Chapel Road, we knew it was the perfect location for our wellness bar and our spinner classes.”

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