Rotary, Vanguard, Port Clinton schools collaborate on bus shelter project

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Some of the 41 Vanguard students that helped build the bus shelter wait for instructions from their teacher, Mike Batdorf. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)


A collaboration between the Port Clinton Rotary Club, Vanguard Vocational School and Port Clinton City Schools has provided a group of students with a comfortable place to await the school bus each morning. The Rotary Club funded the supplies for a bus shelter, which was constructed by Vanguard Building Trades students at the State Road Mobile Home Park.

The shelter was completed on Thursday, Dec. 7.

The project got its start when Bataan Memorial Social Worker Sarah Stahl approached Port Clinton Schools Superintendent Pat Adkins with the idea for the bus shelter. Adkins then took the idea to the Rotary Club.

“Pat Adkins spearheaded this project, and approached us about helping,” said Rotary Club member Bill Lehner. “It was a good fit for Rotary because it helps people, and we were able to get something done that probably wouldn’t have gotten done without Rotary. We’re all about service above self. It’s what we do.”

The project touches the missions of all involved entities: Rotary, Vanguard and Port Clinton schools.

Vanguard students finish construction a bus shelter at State Road Mobile Home Park on Thursday, Dec. 7. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)

“It’s a great project because it serves all three areas. Rotary’s mission is ‘Service Above Self,’ and they have always been very generous to our students through scholarships and projects such as this,” Adkins said. “It’s great for our Vanguard students to be part of a project where their work will serve our community for years to come. Port Clinton students benefit by being able to wait on the school bus out of the elements.”

Vanguard Building Trades Instructor Mike Batdorf managed the project, which was completed by 41 Vanguard students.

“All of them were involved to a certain degree,” Batdorf said. “My morning class did a lot of the building, and my afternoon class did the roofing.”

Vanguard graduate Tyler Kaszmetski assisted with the bus shelter’s design and 3D modeling, and student Reilly Laird did the concrete prep work. Supplies were purchased through Schade Builder’s Supply in Helena, and concrete contractor Jeff Carson was involved in the project.

Batdorf said he “borrowed” electrical trades students to assist with heavy lifting. Batdorf said the project gave his students real-world construction experience.

The bus shelter built at State Road Mobile Home Park was a collaborative effort between Port Clinton Rotary Club, Vanguard Vocational School and Port Clinton City Schools. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)

“The project taught them about working under time constraints and understanding that things don’t always run smoothly on a job site. Sometimes, you have to adjust quickly,” Batdorf said. “They learned to stay on task and stay focused, even if you’re struggling. It’s really been good for us.”

There is a possibility that more bus shelters will be constructed in the city.

“We would like to replicate this project elsewhere in our community with all three groups partnering again,” Adkins said. “We are fortunate to live in a community that cares for their kids.”

Lehner said Rotary would be happy to partner on another bus shelter project if possible.

“If the need exists, and we’ve got enough shekels, we’d certainly be willing to do that,” he said.

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