RVI Hosts Oak Harbor High School 7th Graders

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Four Oak Harbor seventh graders visited RVI, Inc., to explore career options.

RVI, Inc. – a leading organization dedicated to providing services and support to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities in NW Ohio – was pleased to host four 7th-grade students from Oak Harbor High School recently as part of the Benton Carroll Salem School district’s career exploration day. The students spent the day at RVI’s main offices in Oak Harbor, gaining valuable insights into the organization’s operations and the daily challenges faced by individuals with developmental disabilities.

During their visit, the students had the opportunity to shadow office staff, learning about the inner workings of the office and the skills required to manage an office team. They also actively participated in RVI’s day programming activities by engaging and interacting with the individuals that RVI supports.

One of the highlights of the day was the students’ experience with the mechanical chair lift, used to move individuals bound in wheelchairs. This hands-on experience provided the students with a deeper understanding of the daily challenges faced by individuals with disabilities.

“We are committed to empowering those with developmental disabilities and supporting them in moving toward the life they want to live,” said Laura Borows, Chief Executive Officer, RVI. “Integration within our communities and teaching others to treat individuals with disabilities no differently than anyone else are central to what we do. Individuals with disabilities are people just like everyone else.”

The job shadowing experience at RVI was a unique opportunity for the students to gain firsthand experience and empathy for individuals with developmental disabilities. RVI looks forward to continuing its efforts to promote inclusivity and understanding in the community.

For more information about RVI and its programs, www.rviinc.org.

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