Salon 53 & Spa creates team approach to wellness, beauty

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Brenda Boehm, owner and a cosmetologist at Salon 53 & Spa in Harbor Light Landing in Port Clinton, consults with Dr. Bridgett N. Urban D.C. about her chiropractic patients at the wellness center. (Photos by D’Arcy Patrick Egan)


Brenda Beohm is wrapping up her first decade as owner of Salon 53 & Spa, and she and her a surprisingly large staff have become the major purveyor in the area off beautiful hair and nails, and of wellness and wellbeing.

“When you walk through our door for an appointment, we’re ready to make sure you’ll have 100 percent of our attention and the guarantee of an enjoyable visit,” said Boehm. “We have 11 veteran stylists on our team, as well as five people doing nails and pedicures, and two handling therapeutic massages.”

Salon 53 & Spa also has chiropractor Bridgett N Urban D.C. on site. Dr. Urban also works hand in hand with the massage therapists to identify and treat muscular ailments.

Boehm runs the whole show, and the team respects her dedication and experience, and a burning desire to send salon clients out the door with beautiful hair, a great wellness experience and a smile on their faces.

“Salon 53 is my first shop, but I’ve been a hair stylist for 37 years, following in the family footsteps,” she said. “My grandmother was a stylist in the Fremont area for 50 years, and my mom and daughter are cosmetologists.”

Boehm knows what the clients are looking to find, a reason for the steady expansion of her team.

“They want us to make them look great, and to feel wonderful,” said Boehm. “Making everyone feel special is an important part of the business. You never know what someone is experiencing in their lives and, believe me, we hear a lot from people who are sitting in our chairs.”

Women are in the majority among Salon 53’s clientele, but the number of men has continued to grow to about one-third of the customers.

Chiropractors usually work from medical offices, but they’re also treating people at gyms and exercise facilities, ski areas, airports, salons and other facilities.

“Practicing at Salon 53, I’m a part of the team. Massage therapists often need me to work with their clients who have a stiff neck, or perhaps a sore back, knees or shoulders,” said Dr. Urban, who accepts medical insurance.

“I have quality equipment in my area at Salon 53, and access to medical equipment, such as X-rays, at Magruder Hospital and Firelands Regional Medical Center.”

Dr. Urban is the only medical person seeing a patient, and does not have an assistant for the 30- to 60-minutes sessions

“It’s gratifying to see improvements in their condition, and often in a very short time,” said Dr. Urban.

Dr. Urban went to chiropractor school in St. Louis, Mo., and had her own clinic in Niles, Ohio from 1998-2014. When she moved to the Catawba Islands area, she visited Salon 53, and noticed there could be ample room for a chiropractic venue.

“I talked with Brenda about the possibility, and we decided I should be on the team,” said Dr. Urban. “I really love this the area and all it has to offer.”

Salon 53 is located at 3958 Harbor Light Landing Dr., Port Clinton, and is open Monday-Thursday from 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; and Saturday from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

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