Sandusky’s Henlon tops Perkins on late jump shot

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The marquee matchup was between The Sandusky Blue Streaks vs. The Perkins Pirates on Saturday, Dec. 16. The game was everything the crowd could hope for, right down to the last two seconds of the game when Jason Henlon hit the game winning jump shot to make it Sandusky 77, Perkins 75.

Sandusky is 4-0 overall and 1-0 in the Sandusky Bay-Lake Conference. Perkins is 0-2 overall and 0-1 in conference action.

Sandusky opened up an 11-point lead just two minutes into the game with Amir Aaron scoring seven of those points, and would have a 30-point night. Junior point guard Aa’Zariyon Bonner scored as the Blue Streaks lead later increased to 40-26. Perkins would come back with a six-point run as they closed in on Sandusky’s lead to just eight points at half time.

In third quarter action, Sandusky opened with a 5-0 run. Perkins responded by closing the gap to just eight points. Both teams would score 17 points in the third quarter as the game soon headed into the fourth quarter. Perkins fired off the first 12 points to open the fourth quarter. Leading the way for Perkins was Tim Boals, Joey Diederich and Brennan Koelsch as Perkins led 61-57.

Sandusky came back with Amir Aaron scoring which would bring the Blue Streaks to a two-point deficit. A short jumper by Koelsch put Perkins back in the lead 65-61. Diederich scored to make it 67- 63 with just three and a half minutes left to play. Diederich scored again from the inside to increase Perkins lead to six points. Sandusky mounted a comeback as Henlon scored three points and Azarieon Arrington scored as Sandusky was down by only one point.

Diederich scored three points as Perkins was up by four points. Aaron added three points for Sandusky and Diederich scored again for Perkins making it Perkins 74 -Sandusky 71 with only 32 seconds left in the game. Diederich hit a foul shot to add to Perkins lead, but Aaron scored to cut their lead to two points. Bonner scored but was fouled with the game tied 75 all. Bonner missed the free throw. Kobe Brown for Sandusky got the ball and kicked it out to Henlon before Sandusky coach Demar Moore called a time out with 10 seconds to go in the game. Henlons bank shot was good. The buzzer sounded but Perkins had called a time out and 2.2 seconds were added to the game clock.  Weston Sturzinger for Perkins shot hit the front rim which would end Perkins chances and the game.

Blue Streak girls defeat Perkins, 56-51

The Sandusky Blue Streaks Girls Varsity Basketball team defeated the Perkins Pirates on Friday Dec. 15, in a home conference game, 56-51. Overall, the Blue Streaks are 2-5 and are 1-1 in the Sandusky Bay Lake Conference. The Pirates are 3-3 overall and 1-1 in conference play.

The Blue Streaks take on The Vermilion Sailors on Tuesday, Dec.19.

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