Schweitzer highlights Flags of Honor on 8th magazine cover

Sep 4, 2019 | Around Ottawa County | 0 comments

To highlight Ohio’s various places, landmarks, events and people, the exceptional images by Port Clinton photographer Kathy Jo Schweitzer photography have been displayed in magazines, brochures, calendars, websites, maps, pamphlets and tourist guides. Schweitzer has been honored to add one of her favorite events as the cover for the newest addition of the Ohio Municipal League’s Cities & Villages magazine.

Her photograph of the Ohio Flags of Honor, taken in Port Clinton over the July 4th weekend, is colorfully gracing that issue, her eighth cover for the magazine. Even though she has taken photos for many years, Schweitzer says she is “a very amateur, informal, candid photographer” who is also a lighthouse hunter, especially around the Great Lakes.
Her adventures take her places, allowing her to appreciate not only everyday people and places, but also the amazing beauty in simple things.

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