SIMPLE GESTURES adds books to new ‘Little Library’

Jul 20, 2022 | Around Ottawa County | 0 comments

Kathy Jo Schweitzer’s SIMPLE GESTURES organization rounded up 163 books for Bataan School’s new ‘Little Library.’

After reading about Bataan School’s new Little Library, SIMPLE GESTURES organizer, and retired English teacher, Kathy Jo Schweitzer, sent a need request to her SG Contributors for a quick collection of books.

“Summertime is always a challenge, since we all have many things to do at that time of year,” said Schweitzer. “So I was very pleased to receive a variety of 163 books, which will be presented to Bataan teacher, Jennifer Keeton, later this month. Helping to replenish books this unique way of distributing books can easily promote learning for all ages.”

In addition, Port Clinton Ida Rupp Public Library received several games to be included in its checkout system. The SG Contributors also sent out a total of 96 Kindness Cards, a new addition to the program, as reminders to others that someone cares.

To learn about this easy-to-participate program, email or text 419-341-1017.

SIMPLE GESTURES was created in 2015 as a reminder that supporting our communities does not have to be costly or difficult. Working together as a team of awesome men and women, a lot can be quickly accomplished.

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