Slingshots hit the mark at East Harbor

Jul 1, 2020 | Around Ottawa County | 0 comments

East Harbor State Park was the place to be on Sunday afternoon as folks turned out to see a record number of the unique Slingshot vehicles gathered at the park. The riders were members of M.O.S.S., the Mid-Ohio Slingshots, who took advantage of a sunny day to gather along the Lake Erie shoreline at the picturesque state park. Photographer Kathy Jo Schweitzer took the opportunity to meet and talk with the organizer, Keith Behrendsen, who explained the organization needed to have a large number of riders together at the same time to make the gathering a success. The Sunday session was a record ride for them with 29 Slingshots participating. The vehicles are quite unique, and personalized by each rider with special seat covers, add-ons, and gorgeous colors showing the personalities of the owners. A new Slingshot may cost $30,000, or more. Their lineup of Slingshots on the shore of Lake Erie became the focal point for other park visitors. “You simply could not pass by the Slingshots, because your eyes would not allow it. You had to get out of your car and walk through them. A real surprise for everyone!” said Schweitzer, who captured the lineup with her camera, as well as organizer Keith Behrendsen and his wife, Janet. (Photo by Kathy Jo Schweitzer)

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