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A big thank you to all who helped in some way with the Trunk or Treat event held on Oct. 28 at the Catawba Island Fire Station, hosted by the Fire Department Auxiliary. The weather could have been better, but it didn’t put a damper on the fun for those who attended. Great costumes, kids had fun with the games that the DECA students from Port Clinton High School helped with, and we even had one pet costume.
The auxiliary appreciates the follow- ing for their contribution to this event: JTs  Catawba Cafe, Toft’s Dairy, Cameo Pizza/  Crosswinds Restaurant, Bergman’s Or- chards, Catawba Island Fire Department  and Administration, The Lake House, Diane Beldon, DECA and to you, our community, for coming to our First Trunk or Treat. We hope to continue this event in the future.

I support Issue 8, which is the one mill renewal tax levy for the Oak Harbor Public Library. I enjoy reading the books that are available in hard copy, on CD’s borrowed  from the library, as electronic books load- ed onto my Kindle or as MP3 electronic file  books for listening to through a Bluetooth smartphone connection in my car. My wife and I have probably listened to over 200 books in our car while we have traveled over the last 10 years. It really helps make road trips more enjoyable.  I am glad that the Library’s History Muse- um preserves the human history of the Oak  Harbor community. It is fascinating to learn  about the change and growth of the community over time. Someday our contributions will be part of the community history.  The library is always busy when visit it.  People of all ages are using it to discover in- formation or enjoy pleasure through read- ing books, accessing the internet through  computer terminals or participating library programs.  I also appreciate the hard-working, devoted staff that is friendly and always available  to help with issues or questions. The library Board of Trustees is diligent in overseeing  the library operation to be sure that the library resources are used to maximize the  service of the library to the community. I urge you to vote “Yes” with me for Issue 8.

As Sheriff of Ottawa County, I have taken an oath to not only protect and serve  my community, but also to ensure that  like-minded people are placed into positions of trust. That is why I am voting for Joel  Kuhlman for Judge of the 6th District Court of Appeals. I have known Joel’s family my entire life. Joel’s father was a couple of years ahead of me at Eastwood High School, and his uncle is married into our family. These men are of the highest integrity, exhibiting the leader- ship values that our youth will learn from  for generations to come. Joel’s upbringing was instrumental in his receiving dual degrees from the University of Toledo (Engineering and Law), as well as  his community work that he has already accomplished at a young age. Joel served as a  Bowling Green City Councilman, as well as Wood County Commissioner. The integrity engrained in Joel through the family values he was taught from a young age will remain with him throughout  his adult life. Therefore, it will also be evident through his service to our community  as Judge within the 6th District Court of Ap- peals.  Service to our community is of highest  priority to me. And through recent conversations with Joel, I have confirmed that he  feels just as strongly about putting service to his community ahead of his own needs. Please join me on Nov. 6 in casting a vote for Joel Kuhlman as Judge, 6th District Court of Appeals. All of the 6th District  should be represented in our Court of Ap- peals, not just Toledo and its immediate suburbs, which is the present case. I believe that  a vote for Joel is a vote for our future.

The 40th Annual Oak Harbor Apple Festival was held on October 13-14, 2018, and what  a great turnout! We had a beautiful weekend  filled with food, family, fun, and entertainment! When we say that the festival and all  of the great activities would not be possible without the help of generous sponsors and volunteers, we truly mean this. From the Village Departments to the  property owners to the volunteers and vendors it really takes everyone working together to make our festival the success that it is.  The Oak Harbor Area Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the following for  their contribution to this year’s festival: Candy Apple Sponsors: Carroll Township,  Croghan Colonial Bank, Crown Battery, Magruder Hospital, McDonald’s & The Village  of Oak Harbor  Red Delicious Sponsors: Civilian Marksmanship Program, Commodore Perry Federal Credit Union, Community Markets, Dr.  Molly Judge, Health Management Solutions, Lake Disposal Services, Lake Erie Shores &  Islands, Lateral Gig, Materion, Oak Harbor BP, Oak Harbor Rotary Club, ProMedica Bay Park Hospital & US Bank  Basket Full of Apples: Blackberry Corners, Luckey Farmers, Radiant Windows &  Remodeling and Varga Custom Concrete  Special Thanks to: BCS Schools, Community Markets, Croghan Colonial Bank, Oak  Harbor Hardware, Spangler Motors and US Bank for the use of their property In addition to the above sponsors and  supporters we would also like to thank everyone who volunteered their time to make  this event a success!

The Rotary Club of Port Clinton would like to thank everyone who came out to join us at our 9th Annual Rotary Pizza Challenge on Oct. 23. The event was very successful as  a great crowd of 767 people enjoyed and voted for their favorite pizza. A huge thanks to  the ownership and management of The Mon Ami Restaurant and Winery for hosting the great event!  Also a thanks to our area pizza restaurants that donated their staff time and many  pizzas to help make the event a wonderful success: Bruno’s Pizzeria, Cameo Pizza,  Camp Runinmuck, Marco’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Twin Oast, and Sloopy’s Sports Café. The  proceeds will be used to provide scholar- ships for Danbury and Port Clinton students  as well as help eradicate Polio from the face of the earth. We look forward to hosting our 10th Annual Rotary Pizza Challenge next October.

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