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To the Editor,

The holiday season brings out the best in people. For 2018, Danbury Township, Lakeside and Marblehead residents and area businesses enthusiastically helped the Danbury Holiday Bureau. In the Danbury area they provided 93 families, among a total of 297 people, with food and other necessities to brighten their lives during the Christmas season.

A huge thanks goes to Bassett’s Market, the Coast Guard, Danbury Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts, Danbury Township Police and Service Department, Erie Food Market, Lakeside Marblehead Storage, Marblehead Bank,  The Marblehead Peninsula Lions, the Salvation Army, St. Mary’s Church for the use of the hall, Village of Marblehead Police and Service Department and all of the area churches.

What a great community effort. It takes about 60 to 70 volunteers to sort, pack and distribute everything. Over a three-day period during the Holiday season, this is a dedicated commitment.

My sincerest thanks to a devoted committee made up of Bob Biro, Elaine Roth, Linda Twarek and Mimi Turinsky. Thank you again for your continued support. It could not have been done without you! What a great community we live in!

Wishing everyone a Blessed Christmas and good 2019 year.


Judy Smolk, chairperson for Ottawa County Holiday Bureau, Danbury area

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