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To the Editor:

I went to Riverview Cemetery yesterday morning (7/2/19) to make sure there were flags on my father-in-law’s (Melvin Cook) and grandfather’s (Les Bowyer) graves for the upcoming fourth of July. They were still there from the Memorial Day celebration. Sometimes they get worn and need to be replaced.

While there, I noticed the cemetery crew mowing and edging around the markers. Didn’t want to bother them, so I left.

Later that night, I told my wife about it and she wanted to see. They had done the entire cemetery, and it looked picture perfect with the flags blowing in the wind. The grounds were absolutely perfect.

My hats off to you folks that take care of the grounds where our loved ones are interned. You don’t get enough credit. We commend you on your professionalism and taking the extra steps to make sure the land is maintained in this pristine condition.

To the Friends of the Cemetery, thanks for the nice paved roads … much more attractive.

Chester & Sherlene Chaffin, Port Clinton

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