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Aug 7, 2019 | Sound Off | 0 comments

To the Editor:
Finally a great solution to the SR 163, N. Shore Rd., Englebeck Rd. traffic hang up. The roundabout is a fantastic solution for a year around fluctuating traffic pattern. No dumb light to wait on in February. No waiting on a light Wednesday morning in the summer. Steady flow of traffic on the weekend that will create natural spacing to pull out at Church Rd. and the restaurants.

Called District 2 ODOT in Bowling Green and they said the roundabout will be large enough to handle emergency vehicles and large boats being hauled for launching. I trust the professional opinion of a trained traffic engineer over some others.

Did learn that the inside apron is actually designed for the back wheels of a trailer to run over. Oh, and by the way, most of us drivers are from Cleveland, Toledo and Columbus. It is not our first roundabout (or rodeo).

I like the inclusion of bike lane included in the drawing. Hope the trustees can get on board with this idea instead of apposing trails as they have in the past few years.

Dennis J. Patthoff
Danbury Township

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