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Oct 13, 2021 | Sound Off | 0 comments

To the Editor,

On Saturday, Sept. 18, I had the honor to be the featured artist at The Arts Garage (TAG) in Port Clinton, sponsored by the Greater Port Clinton Area Arts Council, and President Carol Morgan.

I knew this would be a busy showing – and I was not disappointed. I had 75 years of things I had done, including paintings, boat designs and buildings, church furniture and a variety of custom projects for Cedar Point, The Toledo Zoo and boat builders in Southern Maryland, where we lived for 10 years.

We also had two showings of “The Maiden Voyage of the Onward,” the first private yacht to traverse the Great Loop, which resulted in the moving of the Matthews Company to Port Clinton in 1906.

Neighbor Alison Falls encouraged me and had me create a biography. She and Patty Wildman organized the note cards I had for sale at the Exhibit.

I stripped my walls and numbered the paintings.

I had 28 in all. Jeff and Carol Morgan had all the panels and tables ready. Paul Berndt modified the hooks to hang the paintings, with Charlie Micallef’s help. Teresa Jeremy and DJ sold prints and note cards and took orders. Barbara Radabaugh took pictures.

There was a good turnout, as more than 100 attended. Refreshments were offered and they were great.

I can’t say enough about the Greater Port Clinton Area Arts Council, the building and their objectives. I see a good future for all.

Thank you,
Bob Reynolds

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