Sound Off – Chief Keith M. Kahler

Oct 21, 2020 | Sound Off | 0 comments

Dear Danbury Township Residents:

The Danbury Township Fire Department was established July 1, 2013 by combining the Marblehead and Lakeside Fire Departments. Since the merger, the department has been operating from two stations — East Harbor Road by Lakeside and Bridge Road (State Route 269 South).

Last year, the Township purchased 6.8 acres at 7870 East Harbor Rd. to build a central fire staton.

With new requirements for turnout gear storage and the safety of our personnel, we are asking for your support for this project in the Nov. 3 election. We are placing a .75-mill levy on the ballot. This will allow us to build one building that will last for many years to come and consolidate all services into a modern and safe workplace to provide fire and EMS protection to Danbury Towsnhip and the Village of Marblehead. The two existing buildings will be sold.

The goal of the new building is to increase response time to incidents and provide a safer place for our staff. The new facility will allow for proper storage of turnout gear, individual sleeping quarters for personnel and much-needed training and meeting rooms. We are also planning a helicopter landing zone.

The department strives to provide the highest level of care to our residents. This requires training, personnel and equipment. Our last Insurance Service Origination evaluation allowed your insurances rates to be lower.

The project will be financed with the levy in place only until the mortgage is paid, then removed from the tax base. The levy will generate about $375,000 yearly. The balance of the levy will be funded through EMS billing. A property with a $100,000 appraised value has a taxable value of $35,000, and the levy would cost $26.25, or 7 cents per day.

Please support this project on Nov. 3 so the Danbury Township Fire Department can continue to serve the community with a safer and more modern facility.

Chief Keith M. Kahler, Danbury Township EMS & Firefighters

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