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Jul 16, 2020 | Sound Off | 0 comments

Letter to the Editor:

My name is Dayton Amborski, I am writing this email as part of a requirement for a Boy Scout Merit Badge.

I would like to discuss my opinion of face masks in public and the requirement of entering and exiting only through one door or the other in regards to going into a building.

Some people are not well educated on the correct usage of wearing a face mask and it is not protecting them properly or anyone they may come in contact with. If people are not going to follow the correct guidelines on how to wear a face mask properly, then why is it a requirement of some establishments for the public to wear a face mask?

More education needs to be brought out for the public if it will be required to wear the masks so that everyone can be protected appropriately. In regards to people only being able to go in one door and out the other, how is that really protecting people from getting COVID if the doors are right next to each other?

People just do what they want and they continue to use either door, so why have them labeled as one being an entrance and one being an exit if no one will follow the rules. The few that do follow the rules end up being forced to come face to face with someone who is entering or exiting the wrong door.

Since everything is opening back up, people are not following the guidelines that have been put in place and we will start to see an increase in the cases again. Education needs to continue and it needs to be increased, and possibly changed in some way to get more people interested to follow the guidelines and to be able to teach others.

Dayton Amborski, Oak Harbor

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