Sound Off for 5-28-20

May 27, 2020 | Sound Off | 1 comment

Letter to the Editor:

Your article about the graduation celebration at Danbury would have been much better if you had properly identified the fire department. The Lakeside Fire Department and Marblehead Fire Department are two separate organizations. They were merged and renamed Danbury Fire Department. There has never been a Lakeside-Marblehead Fire Department, since Lakeside-Marblehead is not a place. It is the name on the post office that serves the Village of Marblehead and Danbury Township. Lakeside is a private area within the township.

John Heminger

1 Comment

  1. The Beacon MANAGEMENT team

    John, I apologize for the mistake and our management team here at the Beacon will do our best to ensure the proper information is in the paper here on out, it must have slipped right by us. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we are sincerely sorry for the mistake.


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