Sound Off – Judy McKenna, President, Ottawa County Holiday Bureau

Dec 30, 2020 | Sound Off | 0 comments

Letter to the Editor:

On behalf of the Ottawa County Holiday Bureau, I would like to acknowledge the generosity of our residents in allowing us to assist those in need of food this holiday season. In the past your donations of food items/paper products always were greatly appreciated but as with so many other activities, we limited our distribution to certificates for local grocery stores. This helped reduce the number of volunteers we needed and allowed our applicants to get the products they needed the most.

We would be interested in feedback, positive or negative, from those we assisted on how this method worked. Our email address is and if you would indicate which of our units you reside in that would be greatly appreciated. Or leave a phone message at 419-797-2941.

Wishing everyone a healthy, safe, holiday season.

Judy McKenna, President
Ottawa County Holiday Bureau

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